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This is a first account from the road of the beginning of our TAMARBIKES Patagonia Adventure 

Osorno to Bariloche

We started our first riding day by heading for the Argentinian border on our way to Barilolche. The Bikes are perfect and we are off to a great beginning. The run to the border is a delight the weather is a perfect 20 degrees spring is in the air and Chile has dressed up for us.

3.pngThe Argentinian Chilean Border

The border is also a moderate Pass with views of surrounding volcanoes and the first meeting with the Andes. Surprisingly they are not very high at this point and we are rolling down and skimming the Nahuel Huapi  lake right round till we enter Bariloche on the other shore.

tamarbikes patagonia adventureWelcome to Argentina

Beers, dinner, some laughs and drinks with the guys and we are off to rest as there is a long day tomorrow.

Bariloche to Futalefu

Day 3 of the tour and its off to Futalefu a charming Chilean village just across from Argentina. We begin teh day with a loop round some of the most amazing scenery once can imagine. lakes, snow caped mountains, and nature blooming in all its glory leave us all with our jaws dragging on the asphalt.

15.pngLakes an d nature out of Bariloche

And were off. its a beautiful and relaxing ride till we hit the turn of Routa 40 where we hit gravel for the first time on our climb back to Chile and our final destination Futalefu.

12.pngHappy riders

*** For more about this tour please contact us through the Patagonia adventure tour page ***



Namibia is the third country on the TAMARBIKES Africa Expedition, an Africa motorcycle adventure spanning 14-day , 3600km and 4 countries. This Africa motorcycle tour begins in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, and crosses some of Botswana’s finest. We reach Namibia through the Trans-Kalahari border crossing. After a visit to Windhoek the amazing capital, we head for the Sussusvlei Dunes, (Including Dune 45 the tallest in the world) in the Namib Naukloft sanctuary. We then tour the Sestriem gorge and continue to the Fish River Canyon, second only to the Grand Canyon. Ultimately, we continue our tour and leave Namibia after 5 days when we cross the Orange river into South Africa.

Namib-Naukluft-CDRSVC17-Tamar-GI-e151022Dunes and Deadvlei

Namibia is a mostly arid nation of wild barren beauty. Classic deserts, thorn bush savanna, desolate wind damaged coastlines, marvelous canyons, and sun-baked salt-pans are the bounty that waits for the tourist.

Namibia’s deserts are jam packed with extreme and other sport activities. These activities include, among others, abseiling – that most incredible of rock sports, coastal and fresh water angling, desert camel riding, scuba diving, 4×4 desert runs, trekking and mountaineering, and of course some of the best motorcycle ridding one can imagine.

IMG_0771-Copy-e1510228318354.jpgFish river canyon

Namibia has four distinct geographical areas. Along the coast is the Namib Desert, which at the age of 80 million years old, is said to be the world’s oldest desert. At the coast, the icy cold Atlantic satisfies the blazing African desert, resulting in thick fogs, in the east the Kalahari desert extending across Botswana and Zimbabwe, and in the North the Etosha Nature reserve and the Caparivi strip stretching across to the Chobe National park in Botswana.

Namibia, one and half times the size of France, is very sparsely populated and carries just 2.2 million people. The people are as distinct as the land they live on. The San are the most intriguing of these tribes and are otherwise known as Bushmen. These most hardy of individuals have a highly sophisticated knowledge of their environment. It is a marvelous thing how well they are adjusted to their difficult habitat. Just time out and think that these are the only people worldwide who live with no permanent access to water. In one of their main residences, the Kalahari Desert, water is scarce, and not to be found on the surface. Tubers, melons, and other water bearing plants in addition to underground sip wells provide their water requirements.

8.pngThe San Bushmen

In Namibia today, Bushmen number about 50,000. Historians approximate that they have lived, primarily as gatherers and hunters, for a minimum of 25,000 years in these parts of the world. Bushmen speak in a strange click language and are extremely talented in the arts of dance, mimicry, and storytelling. Namibia’s other individuals, who are native to the continent, are mainly of Bantu origin. They are thought to have actually arrived from western Africa from about 2,400 years back. The African groups consist of the Owambo, Kavango, Caprivians, Herero, Himba, Damara, Nama and Tswana.

White Namibians amount to about 120,000 and are mainly of German and Afrikaner heritage. Germans arrived in considerable numbers after 1884 when Bismarck stated the nation a German Protectorate.

Two other distinct groups finish the spectrum of Namibia’s individuals – Basters and Coloreds. Colored in Namibia and southern Africa refers to individuals of blended racial heritage, black- white. This makes sense considering that Namibia was run by South Africa after the First World War.

Windhoek_Christuskirche_Reiterdenkmal-CoGerman Architecture and Art in Windhoek

Namibia’s unwelcoming and barren shorelines served as a natural deterrent to the ambitions of European explorers. Consequently, Bismarck  declared the territory covered by Namibia a German colony and called it Sudwestafrika or South West Africa.

The German occupation was an especially unhappy experience for the Herero. The Herero felt bitter the German’s extreme and racist guideline and the impact of the advancement on their arrive at their income and way of living. On the very first day of the year 1904, the Herero led by Chief Samuel Maharero, rose suddenly and suddenly in arms versus their colonial overlords. The Nama signed up with the insurrection and the authorities did not restore control after 6 months of attempting. Over 100 German settlers and soldiers died in the uprising. Historians now think about occasions that followed to constitute the first genocide of the twentieth century.

Bismark argued that the Herero need to be destroyed as a people and he did not recoil at the murder of children or women. At the end of it all, 100,000 Nama and Herero were eliminated. The Herero fared extremely badly and 80% of them perished. Namibia’s other individuals, who are native to the continent, are mainly of Bantu origin.

6.pngThe Africa Expedition on route

Namibia’s road system (which you pay a special fee when you enter the country) consists of very few main paved roads running across the country and through Windhoek the capital. Consequently, the major part of the road system is not paved. Surprisingly, this network of dirt roads is excellently maintained and well signed. More over, when riding the Namib road system, you will constantly encounter maintenance vehicles smoothing out these white roads enabling one to travel the immense distances in ease and safety. Although off road experience can come in handy while riding Namibian roads any rider can tackle this challenge.  Occasionally on secondary roads (D-XXX), you will find sand traps that have covered the road so keep your eyes open.

Finally, riding almost 1500km through this amazing land and stopping at its world class natural gems is very much what the Africa Expedition is all about a unique once in a lifetime motorcycle adventure, serving you a lifetime of memories.

For more about the Africa Expedition and booking information  – Click here 

1-1024x410.pngThe Sussusvlei sand dunes11-1024x410.pngTAMARBIKES Riding Namibia4-1024x410.pngBushmen kids playing in their village5-1024x410.pngA bushmen Chief2-1024x410.pngNamibian roads running to the horizonDune-45-Sossusvlei-338-Copy-e15102373361Climbing Dune 45


It has been the TAMARBIKES mission to bring to the motorcycling community around the world, the most interesting and exciting destinations our little globe has to offer. So, this year we’re adding The Himalaya Adventure to our offerings. As we always do we start a new destination by taking a scouting ride with some of our more adventurous clients to come along for the ride. This is our Himalaya Adventure TAMARBIKES first impressions.

Himalay motorcycle tourArriving at Kullu Manali airport

The Kullu valley and Manali

The TAMARBIKES Himalaya Adventure begins when we land at Kullu airport near Manali the unofficial capital of trekkers and shopping in the Himalaya.  Manali is a bustling place. It’s a soft landing, Hotel is nice, food is great, even if already a bit on the spicy side, and our hosts the local guides are great. We finish off the first day with some sightseeing, a local temple and a walk through the Manali old city.

Himalay motorcycle tourRiding around Manali

Next day it is riding time. After signing for the bikes that have been delivered to the hotel we head out to the mountains around Manali for an orientation ride. There is a lot to get used to. The Royal Enfield Bullet 500 singles are surprisingly fun and comfortable, the views are breath taking with green peaks all around, and once you are out of traffic, riding is fun and weather is perfect.

This is an important day before we hit the heavy stuff lying ahead to get ourselves accommodated to altitude, traffic, and the bikes. It is an easy day.

The formidable Spiti Valley

We start the day with the Rohtang La pass. It’s a climb to 13000 feet (3550 meters) and we reach it early in the morning.  As we climb into the clouds it’s raining lightly, the road is partly washed away. Trucks and buses are everywhere hindering our progress. Reaching the Rohtang La pass we feel a sense of achievement. It’s the first Himalayan Pass and we’re only 2 hours out of our starting point.

Himalay motorcycle tourThe Rohtang la (pass)

Coming down from the other side on the ‘Manali – Leh’ road we learn about the havoc the winter reeks with the Himalayan roads. This will be the main motto of this tour and will dictate much of the itinerary later down the line. After a 30-minute roll down the northern part of the pass, we turn off on to HW 505 the main road running the length of the Spiti valley west to east.

The Spiti valley (meaning in between) has a floor of about 3000 meters and the peaks around it run between 6500 to 7500 meters. Some are in Tibet and some in India. It is only once you start exerting yourself in water crossings and other hard terrains that you begin to feel the altitude and the lack of oxygen. But mostly, it is breath taking views of incredibly barren mountains with a lot of water running across the roads.

Himalay motorcycle tourWater crossings in the Spiti Valley

We stopped counting at 10 crossings in the first hour and we now focus on the major water crossings which are immense and challenging. Things get even more challenging as the day is hot and we are running late. The pace is painfully slow we are barely getting 10 -15 km/h on average and the surface of this road is so bad that you are afraid the bike will come apart right under you. My bike is the first to go, so we stop and get some rest while the tour mechanic, a must on such a ride, takes my ‘Bullet’ to pieces.  A rock has pierced a hole in the block and there is no compression. It’s fixed with epoxy glue and this fix will hold to the end of the tour with no further problems.  We reach Chandra Taal the Moon Lake just before sun down and get settled into our ‘Swiss Tents’. It’s been a grueling yet amazing first day.

Himalay motorcycle tourThe Spiti Valley dry harsh and breathtakingly beautiful.

For the next couple of days we continue through this harsh but awesome land. We will cross our highest pass on this tour, the Kunzum la pass 15000 feet (4650 meters), we will reach the king of Spiti’s home in Kaza, visit the Key monastery where the Dalai Lama visited then Komic the highest village on earth. We will also visit Tabo, home of a 1000-year-old monastery.

Himalay motorcycle tourChandra Taal (Moon Lake) 4300m and very sacred.

It’s here things start to go seriously wrong! We begin to get news that the road east out of the Spiti has been washed away and we will not be able to reach the Kinnaur valley continuing east.  Our hosts spread their arms and tell us that this is the Himalaya where the only thing unexpected is ‘no surprises’.

Himalay motorcycle tourThe Kunzum la (pass) 4550m, the highest pass of the tour.

For the next few days we will be back tracking the route to Manali to reach the Kinnaur valley through its western entrance, but that is still to come.

The Pin Valley

Himalay motorcycle tourA foot bridge in the Pin Valley

Just before Tabo, we ride south into The Pin valley with its picturesque end-village of Mud, (pronounced Mood). Mud is an important trekking center as we learn several major Himalayan treks begin here including a few days’ hike towards the Kullu valley. However, there are no rideable roads so we will have to back track a very long way to reach Manali again. The Pin is beautiful, quiet, mystical and the stay in Mud at 3800 meters Is when the altitude first gets to me. The guest house is comfortable and the host welcoming. The locals are fascinated by the bikes and show genuine affection to us everywhere.

Himalay motorcycle tourMud children waving goodbye to the TAMARBIKES envoy

We start the day with a walk to the river. Climbing back up literally knocks the air out of our lungs. But everything is like a post card and so beautiful.

The Kinnaur Valley

Contrary to the barren Spiti the Kinnaur is lush and green year-round. We head out and visit the village of Kosol a trekker’s heaven and the ‘weed’ capital of the area. We settle for Momo, a local dumpling’ for lunch and continue to our final destination of the day Banjar.

Himalay motorcycle tourThe Kinnaur Valley – green all over

The green is eye-popping after the week of high-mountain deserts. Much like the Kullu valley only higher and greener. We are staying in a private home stay with a great couple, and their 3 children. Their 5-year-old daughter Jaisha turns to be the highlight of our stay. Our plans to ride further the next day are quashed by fog and rain and we stay and take a walking hike of the Banjar forests around us. It’s an amazing relaxing day, and we are getting ready to wrap up the tour up and go home. A much-needed relaxation after a long hard ride.

Himalay motorcycle tourRidding back to Manali through the busy villages of the Kinnaur

We return to Manali, return bikes, and have a festive farewell dinner. Tomorrow we all take off and go our separate ways from the Kullu airport on the long voyage home.

The himalaya adventureFlying back to Delhi

Agra and Delhi

Tamar, my partner in life and crime, had done extensive traveling in India 25 years ago before we met. She has been ‘on my case’ ever since to go back with her to India. Tamar loves India and so I took advantage of this scouting tour and her long love to convince her to join te scouting tour with us. As there was some shopping to do for the kids left behind, and I insisted on ticking off yet another one of the Seven wonders of the world, The famous ‘Taj Mahal’, we crammed into 24 hours a ride to Agra and shopping in Delhi. Our best shot was going to be pre-booked train rides, which we did, adding yet another ‘must experience’ of India.

Himalay motorcycle tourThe Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is spectacular and does not live down from its promise. Take a guide and go see the Taj at Sun rise. It’s worth the effort. A true and amazing shrine to the love of a King for his wife. It is glorious and leaves you at awe at this unbelievable effort and expense just to put up a mausoleum. It is A lifetime experience. Don’t miss it.

Himalay motorcycle tourIndia Rail

Coming back to Delhi after 2 weeks of wilderness and desolation hit you like a rock. The most noise polluted city on earth, its takes a westerner time to understand that you simply cant drive without a horn, the car will not go.  We hit the famous DLF mall near the airport coming off the train at the eastern old station, and just barely make it back to the hotel to take a shower repack and get on the cab to the airport. We started out in Agra at 4:00am so sleep on the flight home is not going to be the least of our problems.

Himalay motorcycle tourNew Delhi

This Motorcycle guided tour or should I say Motorcycle Adventure will take you by surprise. You cannot prepare or plan, you can only come ready for what the Himalaya will throw at you, day in and day out. Be it a washed away road, or be it changing weather. Be it altitude sickness or be it mechanical failures, simply come prepared. The sooner you get into the Himalaya state of mind the sooner you will begin to enjoy one of the most challenging regions on earth. It’s worth every effort and it must be on any serious rider’s bucket list.

**Click here for more info about our next Himalaya Adventure .

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14-300x120.pngTibet Buddhist Religion everywhere13-300x120.pngThe people an essential part of this amazing tourHimalay motorcycle tourRiding with friends a TAMARBIKES must!1-300x120.pngRiding The TAMARBIKES Himalaya Adventure

**Click here for more info about our next Himalaya Adventure .

**Click here for all other TAMARBIKES Tours.


A Moroccan motorcycle guided tour

The Moroccan adventure – a Morocco motorcycle tour was once again a combination of warm and friendly riders, mixed with great new BMW bikes in an amazing setup of mountains, culture and deserts, all of this for a tour bringing together people for an unforgettable experience.

morocco motorcycle tourWelcome to Moroccomorocco motorcycle tourOulmes a great Lunch stop and home to the mineral water works

Climbing into the Atlas

After the initial mandatories of arriving being picked up having the traditional Moroccan welcome dinner (belly dancers included) we got on our bikes and headed for our longest day of riding up into the Atlas Mountains. It’s a celebration of lush green surroundings, winding mountain roads. Small villages with people just thrilled to meet you and an alpine like Chalet at the end of the day to relax in in Azrou.

morocco motorcycle tourGetting friendly with the localsmoroccoo motorcycle tourThe Old mining ghost town of Aoulimorocco motorcycel tourBerber children in the Todra

Highlands, Mountain Ranges and Great Canyons

Consequently, the next couple of days are about crossing this mighty mountain range with its multitude of micro-climates and vegetation. While starting our ride at a cedar forest in the morning (not just any cedar – but the cedar of Africa) and working our way over dry highlands laced by green veins of life such as the Ziz, the Todra or the Dades valleys and gorges.

Additionaly, some off-roading with endless little points of interest such as old mining ghost towns or even hidden fortresses.

morocco motorcycle tourA Berber Omlet and a happy JoshMorococo motorcycle tourThe amazing Dunes of Mezougamorocco motorcycle tourBreakfast out in the Sahara dunes

Out to the Sahara

Consequently, the next couple of days are about reaching the edge of the Sahara almost at the border with Algeria, and experiencing these mighty sand dunes. Having a 4X4 get stuck in one and watching a Berber nomad ride through them with ease on a 2X4 making us look ridiculous.

morocco motorcycle tourTaking a dive out of the Sahara heatmorocco motorcycle tourOurzazat hotel overlooking the lakemorocco motorcycle tourFabulous “Monkey hands” rocks in the Dades Gorge

Back to civilization

Beginning this day of our Morocco motorcycle tour with the Famous Dades Gorge and all its beauty, we are working our way across the southern atlas through the route of a thousand Kasbahs, to the Movie town of Ourzazat, it pretty little Oasis of Fint and then across the Atlas one last time in to the bustling heat of Marakech with its beauty, ugliness, never ending action and amazing market one of the best in the world.

Morocco motorcycle tour“Conquering” the game of thrones castle at the Ourzazat Movie Studios.Morocco motorcycle tourThe Tichka – the highest paved pass of morocco.morocco motorcycle tourMarakech Jama Al’Fna food market

Cities Markets and Goodbuyes

While, relaxing by the pool and enjoying the walkabout through the Jama al’Fna Square and the market alleys around it, its time to head back to Casablanca and say our goodbyes.

Its mixed feeling sad to say goodbye to the guys, yet happy we made yet some more new friends which we take with us.

We will be back Morocco don’t you worry.

morocco motorcycle tourThe Gang Morocco May 2017


An epic ride through nature

The TAMARBIKES Victoria Falls to Cape Town dual ride is a classic Africa motorcycle tour. This 14 day Dual ride is probably one of the best adventure rides one can take. It is for this reason tat this tour is listed high on so many bikers ‘bucket lists’ and why it is in such high demand. TAMARBIKES’ Africa Expedition is more about a “multimedia” kind of an experience. It fuses riding challenges, Nature at its glory, extreme activities, culture and some of Africa’s finest cuisine. This Africa motorcycle tour will never let you down.

Zimbabwe – Vic Falls

Vic-Falls-Air-300x190.jpgThis was really my first opportunity to Ride this epic ride across Africa from Zimbabwe to South Africa. Moreover this Africa motorcycle tour was also an initial venture into the heart of wild and primal Africa. Starting in Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, you get hit by this amazing natural force.  The mighty Victoria Falls. These are neither the tallest nor the biggest nor the most powerful you’ve ever seen, yet, and this is a sure thing, they are unique and inspiring. Spread almost 1.7 km wide, and plunging over 100 meters into a narrow gorge, these thundering waters leave WWraft-Oared-300x212.jpgyou at owe. While walking the tip of the gorge you simply can not get enough of these sites.

before leaving Victoria Falls on our 3600 km ride south, we took the famous white water experience in this same Zambezi. Its a day of rushing through stage three and four rapids and rushing the Adrenalin through your veins at an even higher flow.

Botswana  – A land of Savannah

elephants-458990_1920-300x200.jpgRoaming herds of Elephants in Botswana

Next its crossing the border into Botswana and reaching Kasane, a mere hour ride, including an easy border crossing takes you into a different world. This is Savannah land and Big game parks.  Here we took our time. sailing through the Chobe marshes sucking in sightings of herds of elephants, buffalo, hippos and crocodiles. We could go on with this for hours but the sun, and the Botswana national park ranger, are telling us its time to go.

Following on this Africa motorcycle tour agenda, after crossing a vast savannah, are the Magkalakadi Salt flats, an

2015-07-08-16.40.52-300x225.jpgThe Makuroo Kanoos maybe the most famous culture landmark of the Okavango Delta

amazing phenomenon housing yet again more game and natural beauty in a dryer surrounding.

Last but not least on the Botswana tour is the mighty Okavango Delta. This inland delta, is a wander of beauty. Considered one of the largest in world, the Okavango delta floods vast parts of the Kalahari desert giving it life.

Namibia – The African Diamond

IMG_1115-225x300.jpgAn authentic local family

Surprisingly, crossing the Trans Kalahari border crossing is not just crossing a political border. Historically, Namibia has had decades of occupation, by Germans and South Africans. Additionally, Namibia is also home to some of the most primitive tribes still in existence enabling a peek to cultures soon to disappear. Windhoek the capital, looks like a groomed bavarian bustling town.  Eventually we stop to have some of the best Apple Strudel in the world presented in old fashioned colonial china. Later that evening its a time for some beer and steaks at a local eatery, again some of the best I’ve ever tasted. However, tomorrow its off into endless deserts. I contrast to this surreal experience, we are now in the a desolated wildernes. This is the least inhabited country on earth, and the connection between all its towns is a network of unpaved roads.

Next we continue our Africa motorcycle tour south, to the dunes of Sussuvlei. These dunes are probably

IMG_1234-300x225.jpgClimbing the dunes of Sussuvlei

the most famous and some of the tallest in the world, so we are up at the crack of dawn to go climb them.  Next its down south to Aus.  Later we cross east to the fish river Canyon, second deepest canyon in the world (after the Grand canyon). Surprisingly,its a magnificent ride. The occasional giraffe here and there the Elephants and the hundreds of miles of wilderness and old ghost manning towns give the place its flavour.

South Africa  – The land of 2 oceans

IMG_1577-300x225.jpg5000 year old cave paintings

Finally crossing the Orange river border crossing we are engulfed by the beauty and lushness of the South African country side. This is no desert. We climb into the Cederberg mountain for a day of off road site seeing. Ancient paintings, natural rock formations, and recent history mix together, as a back drop to fabulous vineyards and small vileges. Its a 2 day run from the border to the cape where we will

IMG_1520-300x225.jpgThe Cederberg vineyards the highest in Africa

explore the nature reserve as well as table mount if we are lucky with the weather.

Later as we are bringing to an end this “once in a life time ride”. Finally some time to relaxi at our 5 star hotel near the V&A wharf, shopping sightseeing and just enjoy the amazing Cape Town sun and views.  Tomorrow its goodbyes and we are off each to his own country. However sad to end we are each loaded with memories, hundreds of pictures and a whole bunch of new friends.



The get up and go spirit

Israel motorcycle tourGetting ready to leave

Thursday the 13th of April, 23:00, and Tamar my wife and I are still discussing the coming festivities of my 55th. “An amazing motorcycle ride” I say “if its up to me”. Even though I usually prescribe to the notion that my birthday is other peoples problem as is there’s mine. Where? What?, asks Tamar a little alarmed, at the nering task. “Well”, I answer,  “There is HW 10 that is opened for the holiday”. Never done that one supposed to be amazing. “That’s the end of world” comes the answer. well yes but it is beautiful and it is my birthday, I conclude. so it is set.

Day 1  – Zichron to Eilat 496Km

mtorcycle tour israelThe funky Muza Caffe

The next day, we’re getting stuff together, booking a last minute camping site, and getting the kids sorted out. So we head off. Its 11:00 when we head out and we decide to head down HW 6 the fastest shortest (toll road) straight to Arad.

The Muza restaurant our favorite, is a funky footballers place with tons of beer and great burgers. We opt for a salad and share a beer (me one taste, Tamar the rest), to keep us alive for the afternoon ride in the sun. It works and with one more stop we make it to the Yeelim Campsite at 17:00. A 80K pop to Eilat for diner and back to hit the sack (literally) but were too tired to be fussy. 496KM on the clock.

israel motorcycle tourMorning coffee at the king Solomon mines of Timna

Day 2  – Eilat to Zichron  520Km

I wake up at the crack of dawn, no alarm, and manage to get in a few pictures of the Sun rising over the Moab mountains in Jordan. We love Jordan, and we love the Jordanians. Historically the promised land or the holy land sat on both sides of the Jordan river and until recent times, end of the 19th century these 2 countries were all ruled as one by the Ottoman empire. If you ever come and do a tour of both, you will find similarities in the history, the biblical stories, on both sides.

Back to our little adventure. The day begins a top one of King Solomon 3000 year old copper mines in Timna. the soil is still wet from the recent rain fall but the Super Tenre handles it with ease climbing over the mud and rocks. We fire up the coffee pot and begin what is going to be a fabulous birthday I am sure.

Israel motorcycle tourBreath taking view of the Red Canyon just north of Eilat on HW12

Eilat and the Red canyon

Tamar my beloved wife of 21 years is the adventures one of us. Consequently we are going to begin the touring part, after breakfast in Eilat, with a hike of the Red Canyon. This turns out to be a natural delight, a very short walk all of 2.5Km. Heading into what becomes a  true delight to the eyes and and feet. It shouldn’t take more than an hour, says the ranger at the entrance, and it doesn’t. After climbing 4 ladders, and walking through sheer walls of red rock, climbing out and hiking. Trail is well marked and we are back in just under 48 min.

Finally after coming out of the canyon we meet a couple, who were turned away only 2 days ago when the rain had the place closed for fear of flash-floods.  The chat quickly turns to bikes of course. my newly acquired friend used to ride bikes, and now, after his retirement, he wants to get back in the saddle. This couple is well traveled, but the TAMARBIKES Africa Expedition  our motorcycle guided tour hit their fancy, and they take our card with eyes burning with a new excitement in them, as we hop back on and we are off still along way to ride today.

Motorcycle tour IsraelEvidence that you don’t want to wander off this road

HW 10 – The lost High way of the southern border

HW10 runs between Sayarim Jct. 30Km north of Eilat on HW12, along the Israel – Egypt border theoretically  right up to the Gaza Strip. Practically even in its good days it never had any civilian use north of Nitzana border crossing point. Initially, as a result of the security situation in the area, the I.D.F. limited the ride on this road to daylight and to convoys of 2 vehicles or more. Later, the army closed it off completely for civilian use.

The Israel Egypt border is a straight line running from Eilat to Gaza negotiated between Britain (Occupier of Egypt at the time) and the ottoman empire occupier of the territories know as southern Syria back in 1906.  Britain occupied Israel only after 1917 when general Alenby conquers it and runs the Turks out of it. The British are the first to call it Palestine – A.i (I standing for Israel).

motorcycle tour israelRider over looking the Sinai desert.

Back to HW 10 an amazing motorcycle ride

After this short history lesson HW 10 is a 200Km almost completely straight run through desolated yet breathtaking  desert scenery with the Negev desert on one side and the Sinai desert on the other, with the

Motorcyle tour israelCoffee with new friends on the road

road roller-coasting,  threading through long plains high mountain peaks with look-outs and military out-posts from both sides of this very quiet border. Finally, we stop for a coffee break. As we are about to sit an R1200GSA trots by. We invite him to join us and he stops and drinks with us. Again more talk about riding, motorcycle touring, kit and Itzhak, this lone rider with full camping gear, is interested in my D-Explore 4 season adventure suit. After many thousands of miles I can say it is the best on the market. As he is rides off, I promise to get him some info about it.

israel motorcycle tourRecent floods still evident on road

Ezuz and Nitzana

Israel motorcycle tourThe Ezuz Cafe a wonder in the middle of the desert.

So its back on the road heading north again. Pushing hard towards the edge of HW 10 The Tenere for the Nitzana border post. Additionally, the neglected asphalt is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Likewise, an occasional flood from a river crossing just adds to the challenge. Soon, we arrive at the Ezuz Cafe, a local desert bar, is our final food stop before we head home. It is a surprising delight. Just before Ezuz, we are on gravel. As a result I’m singing in the helmet. This has to be the best birthday ever. Later, after a short break and a chat with another group of bikers, we are off. Finally, It’s 250Km to home, but on perfect roads, with the cruise control set to 150 KMH, it shouldn’t be long.

israel motorcycle tourBikes floods and HW 10

Home sweet home – 1016KM!!

motorcycle tour israelOver a 1000KM in this little land in 2 days

Arriving just as the sun is setting and temperatures are dropping. it’s getting chilly since we are dressed for the desert. I see 1016 Km on the tach as I drive into the driveway. As a result, I can feel the ride in my bones, but I’m happy. Tamar is exhausted and within an hour after a quick shower and unpacking she is fast asleep. Later that night, I am still fiddling with the cameras and Dropbox. Wouldn’t swap it for any other celebration.


A Motorcycle guided tour preparation!

It was a delightful surprise when our Parisien friends Myriam and Jean-Louis offered us to join them for a weekend in Normandy on a brand new 2016 R1200Gs Triple Black. It would be a great opportunity to put in some panning for a motorcycle guided tour as well as try out the brand new 2016 BMW R1200GS TripleBlack. Later that month, we met the bike and Jean Louis in Paris in a dark underground parking late at night. At first site in low light it is a “regular” GS but once you get closer the minor visual  differences are apparent.

R1200GSR1200GSRiding in Paris through the Champs ElyssesLe Arc du Triumph

We threw our gear on and went for an introduction ride through Paris at night.  Paris on a warm summer Friday night is magical and riding was easy as we were following our host and could focus on the view and getting acquainted to this new bike.

The second part trivial. if you’ve ridden a GS in your life, and if you’ve ridden many like I have, getting used to a new GS is easy. You feel right at home in minutes, not taking into account the new cockpit and endless features of the on board computer, those can take a couple of hours of ridding to master, or as we like to say RTFM (Read The F***ing Manual) instead. The first part is the harder one to get used too. There have been more time than I can count that I have returned to Paris and it always is new refreshing and all so beautiful, you never get used to it.

Day 1 – Giverny -Rouen – Heunfleur – Etretat – Deauville.

Next morning we are off to Normandy. We  meet Jean Louis at his home in the 17th Arr., with warm Croissant he is all ready with his K1600GLT, a short coffee and we are off west towards Rouen (The place of Jean d’Arc). On the way we will stop at the “Fundation de Claude Monet” to see the famous gardens he cultivated and then drew in numerous pictures.

A Claude Monet OriginalA Claude Monet Original – GivernyIMG_8848-225x300.jpgThe Akrapovitch – great sound and Looks

The A13 out of Paris is a good time to get a feel of the on board computer. Tamar my wife, and co-owner of TAMARBIKES, is happy, which is a good sign, the engine is purring in a throaty note through the Akrpovitch that the bike came with and there is a general feeling of comfort and relaxation, yes we can do this all day.

Even after leaving the main road for some country lanes towards Giverny and to Rouen the TripleBlack is as easy as you would expect a GS to be. Once I have figured out the Computer.

Dynamic Electronic Suspension Control

I set the suspension electronically to 2 up as we are heavy with the BMW Luggage full to the rim, handling relaxes a bit and ground clearance is back to its normal, with me holding the bike up on only the front half of my feet heels in the air.

IMG_8847-225x300.jpgDynamic ESCIMG_2101-300x169.jpgEtretat teh famous lime rocks of Normandie

After Rouen and a visit to The beautiful Heunfleur. After lunch, we leave our hosts to rest while we dash to the Cliffs of Etretat. This amazing spectacle is on the top 10 list of Normandy in most books. The GPS says 55 minutes when we leave and we hit the town in 30. Roads are good and dry, weather is perfect and the TripleBlack fires away down the highway with the cruise control set just a tad above the formal speed limit. We park the bike on the oceanfront hike to the top of the cliffs and just manage to get back over the Normandy

bridge to Deauville for diner and a good nights rest. Tach says over 300km, body says, ‘can’t be’  too easy.

The Impressive Normandy BridgeThe Impressive Normandy Bridge

Day 2 – Deauville – Caburg – Bayeux – Omaha Beach – Mont St. Michelle

IMG_8854-225x300.jpgThe New Quick-shifter

Next day we are riding along the Normandy shores to a small town called Cabourg, A coffee in the bustling main street and we are off to Bayeux home of the Famous tapestry.

The Quick Shifter

Today I am getting acquainted to the Beemers quick-shifter. Even though its a great idea on paper. You shift up or down, and the engine

IMG_8714-e1489358948220-225x300.jpgOn the beaches of Normandy

management system will retard the ignition for a fraction of a second, just enough time for the gearbox to slip into the next gear. All without touching the clutch. The reason I say on paper, is because in low gears and speed and in high revs the transition is not yet perfect. Overtly it is accompanied by a ‘clanck’ and a jolt. This may be due tio the fact the bike is brand new with under 100KM on the clock. However, if you’ve been long enough on motorcycles you know that clutchless shifting is possible with no electronic aid. Consequently either I need to perfect my technique with the bike or the system needs still a little more tweaking.

We part ways with our hosts who need to get back to work Monday morning. while this motorcycle guided tour team heads south to the amazing Mont St. Michel. The road there will ride the coasts of the landing of Normandy.

The beauty and serenity are a contrast to the hell the allies soldiers went through, while landing on these beaches June 6th, 1944, changing the course of history and bringing the second world war to an end on the European front with Germany. The Japanese will surrender only after 2 nuclear bombs will be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Its a meaningful visit and an honor to honor these brave men who impacted all our lives years before we were even born.

A Monument at Omaha Beach for the 1st US Betalion.A Monument at Omaha Beach for the 1st US Betalion.

Key-Less Ignition

Back to the machine. Another toy on the TripleBlack is the key-less ignition. At first I thought this is really over the top. After 3 days use of this gadget, (No not a necessity), its a very nice feature, a luxury. Key holes have a tendency to be cruddy, keys bend or even

IMG_8851-e1491599009358-225x300.jpgThe Keyless ignition

break. Moreover if you have a lot of keys on the key-chain, just cases and a lock, its a fuss. However this solution is neat clean safe easy and really works so yes I recommend it.

Day 3 – Mont St. Michel – Paris

Next morning we are just out of Mont St. Michel, we park at a special parking zone for bikes. The friendliness to bikers amazes me each time, together with the special bike lanes for toll on the highways. After a short visit to this amazing and unique world heritage site we are off Back to Paris. Later and once back we return the bike and say our goodbyes to Myriam and Jean-Louis our gracious hosts. Later its off to finish our vacation with some shopping for the kids.


IMG_8846-225x300.jpgWater cooled headsIMG_8850-300x225.jpgOn the fly customisation

The TripleBlack GS is a painting scheme for the 2016 R1200GS LC. It looks great, it feels great, and I really love this bike. After a 1000KM of hassle free riding, its perfect. You can ride this bike all day, relaxed, effortless riding. You will arrive fresh as if you just got on the road. Moreover your pillion will love you (and the bike) too. No wonder it is the most selling bike in history. Consequently, I still think it is one of the best I have ever ridden of the Adventure-Tourer Genre.

Ride Safe


The writer is the manager of the TAMARBIKES boutique motorcycle guide tour company with destinations in South America, Africa and the eastern med. to follow this blog you can goto:


The motorcycle guided tour packing list, and packing for a guided tour is usually very different from, packing for a riding adventure. When packing for an adventure, everything you may need has to be with you at all times, strapped to the bike. However,  on a guided tour you can expect you luggage (the regular kind) to simply wait for you every day in your hotel room when you arrive after a days ride. Your Kit has to be flown in and ride with you and you will usually have a top box and/or a tank bag supplied to harbor valuables you need during the day. In this article I will try to lay out basic organization thoughts of kit and Comfort, and the basics of planning and packing for a guided tour.

Getting There –

By definition, when packing for a motorcycle tour, your going to plan to travel light. Motorcycles have very little room and there will be a lot of items to cover and include to make the tour with comfort and safety. (See motorcycle guided tour packing list)

We suggest leaving home with 3 bags

  1. A carry-on size suitcase. (Personal belonging, cloths toiletry).  – Figure 1
  2. A back pack. (books, electronics, travel documents and money). – Figure 2
  3. Large duffel. (Riding Suits, Helmets, Gloves). – Figure 3
motorcycle guided tour packing listCarry-On – Figure 1motorcycle guided tour packing listBack Pack – Figure 2motorcycle guided tour packing listDuffel Bag – Figure 3

We also suggest using this motorcycle guided tour packing list to assist you remember and tick-off all the items you may need.

What goes where –

The Carry – On Suitcase –  always works for us. The carry on packed from home is the standard size bag most motorcycle touring companies allow on the van. (On a long hall of over 2 weeks one can upgrade to the next size). We recommend to bring it packed from home. You should have in it all items needed after riding hours – i.e. – evenings.  Don’t put any riding gear or anything you may need during the day such as nylons warm gloves or even an extra lier. You will find soon enough that even though usually the support vehicle runs the same route as the tour, you may find when you need something out of the suitcase on the van, that the van isn’t there. – Alternatively you may learn that there is simply no time to open the van and get to your bag. Finally, many times , and Murphy’s law demands that, your bag will be the one at the back of the van and impossible to get to.

The Back Pack – While traveling this bag will have your money, passport, airline tickets, gadgetry (computer, tablet, phone,) books and magazines, and a small toiletry kit as wells a one night change of underwear. (this is in case you luggage gets sent and lost – its happened to us). we recommend a 2 strap back configuration leaving both hands free to control the 2 other bags.

motorcycle guided tour packing listTank bag with Straps

Here it would be a good place to point out that you can bring your own Tank- Bag and we do recommend the kind that has straps to it. This offers a great solution reducing even more the need to pack and repack this bag as we will explain in the On tour chapter. (see picture).

The Duffle Bag –  This bag is jus for motorcycle kit. The rider needs to arrive at the start point of the tour with full kit. I use a simple collapsible duffle for my Touring Suit, Touring boots, riding gloves, and a helmet. you will be emptying This bag and sending it to the end destination. In the event it is a circular tour you will be leaving it behind at the hotel. We recommend you line the duffle bag with the jacket.  Once you’ve done that, fit the helmet inside the jacket to give it maximum protection from the airport handlers. This bag is optional and we have also gone on tours where we will wear the Jacket and boots, pack the trousers and gloves and put the helmet in its original carry bag and throw it over our shoulder. In this last format you have the benefit of not checking any luggage and walking right off the plane.

While on tour –

to best serve you while on tour, you will need to re-distribute all your belongings between the bike and van . The Carry-On will go onto the support van as is. This way you will not to repack this main bag once you begin the tour. You may empty the second backpack or simply use it as a tank bag (If it has the system). Empty the back-pack into the tank bag and then just fold it and send it to the end point. The duffel bag’s content will be unpacked completely.  All kit to be worn is placed for next day and the rest such as spare gloves spare socks spare undershirt or underwear, all can go into the top box for use on tour. Remember not to put them not the Suit case as you may not have them when you need them.

Self Guided tour –

The major difference between the guided tour and the self guided tour is, of course, the lack of a support van. Thus you need to calculate your luggage volume meticulously. Tamr and I always share the cases in a same way. The side cases are a ‘His and Hers’ and the Top Box is for motorcycle gear cameras and and other essentials on the go. We try not to touch the side cases during the day. When entering the hotel at the end of a riding day, you will be able to take them off and carry them like suitcases.. However you can still use the motorcycle guided tour packing list to plan your packing.

What to look for –

Make sure you are getting a TopBox and a tank bag, when booking a guided tour. Also make sure you have a support van and luggage service during the tour. Additional you should check what is the maximum size of suitcase you can bring. We also recomend you check the airline policy about helmet. Remember this is in addition to your carry on and back pack. Last but not least make sure your bags are all clearly marked with your name. Our staff will need to deliver your bags properly too your room at the end of the day.

The Motorcycle Guided tour Packing List –

We always suggest you use the motorcycle guided tour packing list to plan your packing. Working with a list helps avoid forgetting anything and thus will save you money and time. Even better, Print a copy for each tour and tick off everything you’ve laid out to take with you. We also recommend you go over the list beforehand. Consequently customizing the list to your needs with all that hasn’t been mentioned. If you have suggestions to amend this we welcome any suggestions you may have.

About the author –

Eytan Magen is the founder and managing director of TAMAR Mediterranean Mototours Ltd. (TAMARBIKES). Bikers and a travelers Eytan and Tamar his wife have ridden 4 continents and thousands of miles. This experience enables them to become owners of one of the best riding experiences you can find.

TAMAR Mediterranean Mototours Ltd. (TAMARBIKES) –

TAMARBIKES is a leading Boutique motorcycle guided tour company.  TAMARBIKES brings to the motorcycle guided tour scene some of the best experiences and adventures one can buy on a motorcycle. These adventures are aimed at some of the best and most exciting destinations on earth.


The Okavango Delta – An immense inland delta.

The Okavango Delta is probably one of the most important sites and stops on the TAMARBIKES Africa motorcycle tour. moreover, this extraordinary natural phenomenon is a true wander especially when you understand it is located in the heart of the Kalahari desert. accordingly, I would like to offer you, in this article, a closer look into this immense swamp land and its unique features.

Surprisingly,  it is very rare to find an Inland Delta. One needs a water flow running inland and not to the sea. You would also need a vast flat land that can flood and contain all this water. Finally, an ecosystem that can dicipate the waters regularly and untill the next season waters arrive again. Accordingly, the Cubango river running from Angola 1,200 kilometres, south-east towards the Kalahari desert and draining the highland rainfall is the source. Every year, approximately 11 cubic kilometres (11,000,000,000,000 litres) of water flow into the delta. Astonishingly this all happens in approximately one month of flow year.

The Okavango delta spreads over 6000-15,000 Sq.Km at its peak. However, this huge area of 150 by 250 km varies only 2 Meters in altitude . Of these 11 Million Cubic meters of water that arrive to the delta, approximately 60% is consumed through transpiration by plants, 36% by evaporation, 2% percolates into the aquifer system; and 2% flows into Lake Ngami.

A world heritage site –

Reading from the UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription, 22 June 2014: view of The Southern part of Africa with The Okavango Delta marked on it at the North-Western corner of Botswana.

“The Okavango Delta is a vast inland river delta in northern Botswana. It’s known for its sprawling grassy plains, which flood seasonally, becoming a lush animal habitat. The Moremi Game Reserve occupies the east and central areas of the region. Here, dugout canoes are used to navigate past hippos, elephants and crocodiles. On dry land, wildlife includes lions, leopards, giraffes and rhinos.” over the Okavango Delta

Additionally, the Okavango Delta secured its position as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa mainly due to its scale and splendor. accordingly, this was officially declared on February 11, 2013 in Arusha, Tanzania. Okavango Delta Makuroo poleman are fierce and dangerous, here is a female in Okavango Delta.

Water means life – One of the largest concentrations of Animals –

Moreover, peaking between June and August, during Botswana’s dry winter months, this is when the delta swells to three times its permanent size. As a result of this, animals from kilometres around are attracted and gather to create one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of wildlife. a great example of this is The Moremi Game Reserve, a National Park, situated on the eastern side of the Delta.

Motorcycling in Africa and the delta

It is for this reason, that the Okavango Delta, is an important stop on our Africa Expedition. However, his unique swamp land has little dry land and hardly any roads. However, it is important for us to incorporate it into our tours, and we do so be taking a Makuroo canoe experience. More importantly, it is an amazing relaxing afternoon beginning with sailing on a motorboat deep into the Delta. After meeting the Pole-men we sail in pairs to the their secret corners of swamp to view Crocodiles, Hippos, Elephants and Buffalos till your hearts content, or has enough of the ‘fear’.   All in a beautiful and serene serounding. We also offer to experience the delta from the air in a flight over the swamp instead of the river experience.

Don’t forget to check the Tamarbikes site for the Africa Expedition full itinerary. You may also log on to The TAMARBIKES web site for other Adventure options from our unique offering. traffic on the Okavango delta waterways,. Here local fishermen coming back with their catch. Okavango delta’s still waters are perfect for water lilies to grow and to be photographed. okavango deltaThe Makuroo canoe on the Okavango delta are dugout Kanoos. The new fiberglass version is friendlier to the forest around the delta. okavango deltaThe fish eagle king of the Okavango delta


The new TAMARBIKES website –

Entering its 2017 season TAMARBIKES the Adventure boutique company has launched a new state of the art web site. This site is aimed to meet all the motorcyle touring needs of the adventure bike riding arena.

“This new web site brings our, motorcyle guided tours, customers the ease of use and accessibility that they deserve”, says Eytan Magen managing director of TAMARBIKES”.

The site offers a new level of tour information including: detailed descriptions, vivid imagery, day by day itineraries, maps, reviews and pricing.

Upgraded security –

Additionally, The site has also been upgraded to include a state of the art Online booking module to address current fraud threats and identity theft. The new security measures consist of ‘HTTPS’ encryption, as well as a secure system to charge credit card safely and anonymously. In addition the web site has passed a full Norton threat assessment. The site is hosted on one of the worlds leading hosting companies.

Keep in touch –

Screen-Shot-2017-03-19-at-9.36.54-300x20The Zandesk chat immediate response, or message capabilitiesScreen-Shot-2017-03-19-at-9.36.17-300x23The get in touch form easy to use.

Communications are another area where this site has undergone a complete upgrade.  This new website,
offers a wide range of channels for customer convenience. These include, a Chat, a Newsletter, a generic contact form, a customized tour request
and a rental application. All these come in addition to the regular forms of communication open to the public, such as: Phones (US, UK, IL), e-mails and Skype. One may also opt to communicate via social media with the company regarding questions requests and other wants or needs. There is also an RSS feed that will enable you track any new publication in our Blog.

The Adventure Blog –  

Screen-Shot-2017-03-19-at-9.38.05-300x22The Adventure Blog – motorcycle guided tours and more.

New for 2017 is our Blog where we will be communicating regularly to our customers and followers. The Adventure Blog will feature stories, experiences and other items of interest to the Adventure rider in general. We hope you find its reading as fun to read as we find it to write. Please feel free to comments and feedback all our articles.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our coming tours. Also feel free to let us know what subjects interest you. We will try to best address any question you have. I ncase we do not have the answer we will try to refer it to others.

Ride Safe