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Video: Bike/car road rage ends badly for car




Video: Bike/car road rage ends badly for car

Below is a video shot by the passenger of a following car using his cellphone. It is of a road rage incident that took place yesterday in California on the southbound 14 highway towards Los Angeles. Reports suggest that it started as the result of a lane changing incident by a Nissan sedan that clearly angered the motorcyclist on what is probably a Harley-Davidson. The motorcyclist then kicked out at the Nissan and it is unclear whether the driver swerved towards the bike deliberately or simply got startled and swerved.

The bike was pushed slightly by the car, but luckily managed to regain control without falling or colliding with anything. The car’s situation was very different, as it lost control completely, hit the inside barrier in a cloud of sparks before veering across the highway and colliding with an innocent SUV.

The elderly driver of the SUV was taken to hospital with relatively minor injuries, the driver of the Nissan is believed to be okay and the motorcycle rode on unscathed. Police are investigating and are in search of the motorcyclist.

See the video here:


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