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3 Months in West Africa

Su Shi

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3 Months in West Africa

From December 2017 to March 2018 we were riding 2up in West Africa.
On our first motorcycle journey around Africa we had to make a lot of decisions, like where to go, and where not to go. The “not to go” part was hard. On a trip like that, like in any aspect of life, one learns to accept limits. There is never enough time, enough money, or enough stamina to do it all. And that’s OK.
We had been hoping eversince to return and explore some of those countries that got away. West Africa, you see, is such a densely populated, intense, diverse place. So here we were, packed and ready to go into some of its unknown (to us) corners.
In focus: the coastal countries that span the Gulf of Guinea, from Senegal to Ghana. Some we would visit twice, in order to complete a roughly 20,000KM loop and to ride back. It was a journey about connection…


… about hard trails and tears of joy


… about great food found in humble places, and always served with love


And about making more memories for a lifetime


Watch this space for the whole writeup. It’s gonna be one of our best yet.

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