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The TAMARBIKES Morocco Adventure – New and improved.


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The Morocco Adventure

This 2600km, 11 day, 10 nights, 9 riding day tour, takes our riding groups across and through some of morocco’s finest scenes vies and sites. Don’t miss this Adventure into eastern Islamic Berber and African cultures and flavors. this is a high power Luxury ride packed with the best Morocco has to offer.

2.pngAdmiring the Moroccan landscape

The Reef mountains and Mid Atlas the road to Marrakech.

We start the tour with a short run down the Spanish Costa del Sol past Gibraltar to Tariffe where we board a fast ferry and an hour later we are in Tangier. After the boarder necessities and lunch, we are off and climbing through amazing views into the Reef mountains. Our destination of the first day will be the amazing blue city of Chefchauen but we will realize its beauty only tomorrow when we stroll its medina in the morning.

1.pngthe Blue City in actual colors

We will have a stop on the imperial city of Fez, with its amazing Kasbah with its 9400 streets and allies it is mesmerizing as it is fascinating.  The great Dar and traditional dinner are a perfect way to end the day before we hit the sack.

22.pngThe Hotels on the Morocco Adventure

Next day we are climbing again this time into the Atlas. The Alpine village of Ifran, the Ceder forests the monkeys and the off-road ride are all part of this morning venture into the mountains, roads are getting smaller and weather is less than perfect as we are riding through some fog and sub 10 degrees temperatures. Things clear up as we head out to the mid Atlas getting ready for one of the most amazing roads we’ve ridden anywhere on our way to the Bin-il-Widiane lake side spa resort.

10.pngThe Ouzud Falls

Our last day of the Mid-Atlas on our way to Marakech our mid tour marker, begins with a tour of the amazing Ouzud water falls. They are very thing they set out to be, powerful, high and very beautiful. After this we are strolling into the Marrakech valley letting the km melt away. An evening stroll to the Jama El Fna and dinner at a local booth will end a perfect day and the first half of our tour.

13.pngBerbers in traditional costume

Marrakech – hitting the half way marker.

This much needed rest day is an opportunity not only to rest and massage our aching limbs, but also to stroll the markets, meet the local folk and even get invited into a family for tea and sweats, as our crowed did. I spent most of the morning getting the tons of footage and photos on to our hard drive and the afternoon is spent strolling this amazing Souq I love and getting some gifts for the family and dried fruit for the rest of the tour. Were all too tiered for the 320 km to Asweira and back so the option remains un-used.

15.pngThe Marrakech Souq

One can’t talk about Marrakech without talking about the Jama-el-Fna. This amazing unique square piazza place or whatever you want to call it in your home language is the epicenter of Marrakech’ perhaps of Morocco. A stage for Berber shows of Music, snakes, dancing and commerce by day, and a never-ending food festival by night don’t miss coming back to this it at different times of the day for the full Marrakech experience. Our last visit we sat on the roof terrace of the café de France overlooking this bustling square from above.

14.pngThe Jama-al-Fna

Complimented by one of the best Souqs in the world this is a place you can spend days at not hours and never get enough.

Off to the Sahara

Marרakech is the end of many routes of merchandise running from the desert, so it is no surprise that the road between Marrakech and the Sahara is jam packed with sites and points of interest. We start our day with a climb to the Highest paved pass in morocco, The Tiz’n’Tichka.

20.pngSnowy atlas peaks

Eid ben Hadou one of the oldest, biggest, and certainly the most famous Kasbah in Morocco, is our next stop on the way to Boulamne du Dades our stop for the night. We won’t arrive there before stopping at the Ourzazate film studios for some photo ops at the Game of thrones and Gladiator sets.

21.pngEid ben Hadou

The next day begins by climbing to the fabulous Dades pass, if you’re a biker you haven’t been in Morocco without the mandatory ride up and down this crazy road. Next in line is the Todra gorge always packed with tourists and Berber merchants selling you their creations.  From here it’s a run against sundown to reach the desert in time to get there in time for a ride out to the luxury desert camps, by Camel or 4X4 your choice.

26.pngThe Dades Pass – a must for any biker

The Sahara is a unique and exceptional experience every time. The endless dunes, the stars at night the sunrise in the morning are all exceptional experiences and all together leave you with a sense of awe and true connection to nature and all its majestic beauty. Unforgettable!

28.pngthe Sahara

The road back from the desert

The road back to the Mediterranean coast line will take us through the Ziz valley and the Legionnaires road and Tunnel. After a stop in Midelt for the night we hit the road with the final run to the ancient fort city of Melilla. This is a Spanish strong hold in north Africa and our port of boarding the overnight ferry to Malaga. Our last day is our longest and fastest and we cover 490 km in one day a grand finale to an amazing tour.

23.pngThe Legionnaires Tunnel

After our farewell dinner celebrating a great tour in the old port of Melilla we board the ferry take our cabins and wake up 6 hours later in the port of Malaga. A short ride to the depo, return the bike sand a shuttle to the airport. It’s been a great ride now we need to prepare our next ride. Hope to see you soon with us.

25.pngThe Todra Gorge

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