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Jerusalem to Roma – Giro d’Italia grand start Israel 4th – 6th May,2018


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History is being made today!

The first Stage May 4th – Jerusalem – Jerusalem – 10km Time Trial

The Giro Italia the second most important cycling event in the world is starting out for the first time outside of Europe. The giro will start to day May 4th with a 10km Time Trial section circling Jerusalem.

600 representatives of the world sport media are here to cover this extraordinary event with the amazing backdrop of Jerusalem and the amazing view of Israel.


The second stage May 5th  – Haifa – Tel-Aviv – 170Km

This Giro has also been called Jerusalem to Roma an historical ride which corresponds with history and the Roman times when Israel was one of the focal points and strong holds of the Roman empire. Anyone visiting Israel will see an abundance of Roman architecture and ruins of Roman Cities one Important port will be passed tomorrow by the cyclists – Caesarea – once the most important port of Israel.

This stage begins in the northern part city of Haifa also the main gate way if you want to come by ferry with your bike to Israel. The Carmel Mountain rolling into the Haifa bay this is one of the most beautiful cities you can visit anywhere. Couple it with cultural diversity and tolerance, and some spectacular history and it is a must visit on an Israel tour.

This is second stage that may actual be in rain part of the way works it way down south through the coastal plain road. not before taking a short visit to our very own Zikhron Yaakov home town. This fast run relatively flat will end in Israel cultural, culinary and business hub Tel-Aviv, also known as the city that doesn’t goes to sleep.

This 3 day, 30M Euro project, brings to Israel  the Largest most important sport event in its history, giving it  the opportunity to prove to the world it both worthy and able to host such events.


Stage 3 May 6th – Be’er Sheva – Eilat – 226Km

Be’er Sheva is the capital of the Negev the Israel southern desert. this heat stricken city is a wonder of its own with a thriving Hi-Tech industry, the Israel air-force academy and one of the largest universities in Israel, The Ben-Gurion University. A small trivia point is that Be’er Shaeva holds the world record in the number of Chess Grandmasters per capita.

Leaving Be’er Sheva south towards Eilat they will be crossing the Negev desert.  Excellent asphalt wide fast sweepers and climbs  in and out of the largest erosion crater in the world the Ramos Crater, are only part of the features of this fascinating ride to Eilat the most southern city of Israel and its only port to the red sea.

Arriving to Eilat is breathtaking with the sudden appearance of the Red Sea bay the palms and  the ever lasting sunshine that has turned this city to a beloved destination to Europeans wanting to escape the cold of winter.

The weather – its going to be hot!

With temperatures nearing 35 degrees today in Jerusalem and the heat wave continuing tomorrow, riders will be facing challenging conditions during the whole ride. The Negev is always hot so that is no news!

Thank you Giro Italia thank you Sylvan Adams A visionary cycling enthusiast that was behind this amazing event and bold step for the Giro Italia.

If you wan to ride Israel you can also do so on motorcycles with TAMARBIKES and its Israel Classic so what are you waiting for come ride Israel – the Giro Italia did.


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