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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"??????>TAMAR Mediterranean Bike Tours Guided Motorcycle Tours | +972.072.2131222Sun, 18 Nov 2018 10:03:10 +0000en-GBhourly1 Call for the New Zealand motorcycle tour!, 04 Nov 2018 13:19:08 +0000 more]]>Well, how does starting the new year in new Zealand sound to you?!


One of the most desired destinations in the world

New Zealand, many of the explorers who have visited NZ over the centuries since its discovery have referred to it as paradise on earth.’ Its remoteness from the western world, has preserved its beauty as well as given it an aura of inaccessibility, making it all that more desirable.


South means warm – At Christmas and New Years Eve!

The TAMARBIKES New Zealand Adventure begins in Auckland, on the northern island of NZ on Christmas day, and ends 2 weeks later in Christchurch on the Southern island. Situated in the southern hemisphere means that riding The NZ Adventure during Christmas will give you a break from snow and blizzards back home while you ride sunny and warm temperatures in dry conditions – the perfect getaway.


The perfect ride!
Perfect asphalt, perfect curves, perfect vistas and perfect company will all come together to create the perfect adventure here in New Zealand.
As an established tour operator in this territory we book well in advance offering you now the unique opportunity to have a full motorcycle experience to one of the farthest destination of the world.
We have also reserved some flights from Milano Italy to Auckland on Christmas eve at 1500Euro return, only to make sure flights availability and prices are not the Issue.
For more info about this tour and booking information go to the tour page
Don’t miss it!
]]> Call for Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, 21 Oct 2018 07:34:09 +0000 more]]>Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego – some of the most sought after destinations in the world

Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, beside harboring some of the most exquisite natural gems of our planet’ Like the Torres del Paine national park in Chile and the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina, fires up adventurers imagination for it being literally the road to ‘The End of The World’.

IMAGE-PATAGONIA-4.jpgTAMARBIKES on the road to the end of the world – the Carratera Austral

South means cold

The TAMARBIKES Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego Adventure begins in Osorno Chile, 40 degrees south and runs all the way down to Ushuaia Argentina, that at 54 degree south is the most southern city on earth! these facts coupled dictate both somewhat extreme weather conditions year round, and a very limited season of about 3 and half months – November to March, the summer of the southern hemisphere.

23-1.pngThe mandatory group picture with the Fin del Mundo sign in Ushuaia harbor

No hotels no bike no guides

You can always, bring your bike and camp our in some time sub zero temperatures, however if you are not the extreme adventurer and you expect to mitigate risks and have some comfort at the end of day you should book month if not a year in advance.

As an established tour operator in this territory we book well in advance offering you now the unique opportunity to have a full motorcycle experience to the end of the world in just over 6 weeks. There are only 2 seats left so hurry.

For more info about this tour and booking information go to the tour page

Don’t miss it!

3-1.pngRain and strong winds not uncommon for the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago ]]> Niken launch in Israel – A first ride on a sports trike, 17 Sep 2018 16:25:29 +0000 more]]>The Invitation

I was a warm summer afternoon a few weeks back when I received a call from the Yamaha Israel sales manager Yotam. “Have you heard of the Niken?” he asked. “Sure” I said “why?” “Well we’re launching it in Israel and we wanted you to come do a test ride tell us what you think.” Truth be said I had never ridden a trike before let alone a sports trike, so I jumped at the opportunity. someone also mentioned a free lunch so who could resist.

4.pngThe growling beast

Off to the mountains

on the designated sunny afternoon I set off towards Jerusalem. Its a cool 120km, from my office in the north of Israel, but my Super Tenere just loves when clock the long hauls on it so no sweat. Almost. I arrived at the Cramim (vineyards in Hebrew) Hotel around 14:00 which was the designated time for our 30 minute ride on it. A refreshment, some signatures, a short briefing (It’s a MT-09 with 2 wheels in the front) , and we’re off.

7.pngWelcome to the Cramim Hotel

The Ride

I through my leg over, straitened it off the stand – you need to hold it like a bike – and took a look at the dashboard. It’s huge, wide, and very plush, giving you a sense of something very expensive and luxurious. Nice displays, a  good on-board computer all the functionality you can hope for and the Yamaha 900 triple growling from underneath.

2.pngThe Niken Cockpit

Every thing is very much Mt-09 in its feeling as we launch off, and I’m waiting to get going so that I can see what this funny front end is really about. After a few curves the Niken feels positively easy and I am finding it very conventional in its behavior.  Once we are on the High way its sure footedness comes in handy and acceleration is smooth as it is rapid. Its only a short ride on the Highway when we break off to the mountain twisty lanes. Here few things become apparent: The extra rubber can be used for running extra speed into corners, which otherwise we may have not taken. Here is where things get a little interesting, While grip is better through corners, counter steering is less pronounced (due to the smaller wheels probably) which in turn causes you to turn with the need for a more sure kind of a shove to the handlebars. Another dynamic phenomenon I found is the ability of the Niken to hold a line in a corner and react to throttle changes. I felt I needed to hold the bar to keep the line unlike MY Super Tenere where once a I’ve set the lean it will hold the line as long as you hold the throttle at its current position.

Riding back

3.pngWhat a head turner 3 Nikens

Riding back we try the grip at a hard stop and get excellent results including a dual ABS up front, I also ride over road bumps at a relatively high speed and got great results in terms of damping the bumps.we head back to the hotel for another drink, a very good finger-food lunch, and some motorcycling mingling and talk over this new innovative motorcycle.

6.pngBeautiful surroundings for a motorcycle launch.

So what the hell is it?

Well if its not a bird and its not a plane then it must be superman. This is something new, refreshing, out of box. Just as we like it. It seems less demanding than a motorcycle. this may be a call for heavy scooters to take the next step toward motorcycling through the Niken. The luxury ad comfort it brings with it and the extra grip, may also appeal to the end of the road cyclist, an extend his riding days for another 5 years that maybe without the Niken would not hold. Last but not least if you are a scooter man and want something like it but manual and very powerful maybe this could be it. All in all its a brilliant piece of machinery that only time will tell if it will cut itself a little niche of the motorcycle market.

5.pngThe Niken innovative front

Way to go Yamaha.

Eytan Magen is the CEO of TAMARBIKES ( the leading boutique motorcycle touring company, with tours world wide. Eytan is an entrepreneur and an adventure riding with thousands of miles on all 5 continents.

to contact Eytan please use whatsapp, facebook, linkedIn, or e-mail

]]> Where You Can Drive On The Left – 5 Perfect Self Drive Tours, 01 Sep 2018 05:56:49 +0000 a self-drive tour? Next time you travel abroad, book these popular tourists’ destinations where you can drive on the left.

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Don’t forget Japan ...]]>Contemplating a self-drive tour? Next time you travel abroad, book these popular tourists’ destinations where you can drive on the left.

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Did you know there are more types of flower a fauna on Table Mount than there are in the entire UK.]]>c6e82a44-ca33-4716-858c-fd3594344da1.jpg

Our Cape Town Wildflowers guide 2018 shows you where to admire great wildflower displays and tells you about the most popular wildflower festivals of the Western Cape.

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Before or after you TAMARBIKES Africa motorcycle Adventure we recommend spending some time on these fabulous beaches.]]>ca70452d-6a9b-4857-85d1-f1edc558430c.jpg

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Before or after you TAMARBIKES Africa motorcycle Adventure we recommend spending some time on these fabulous beaches.

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]]> and Tierra del Fuego – The road to the End of the Earth (Fin del Mundo), 28 Aug 2018 16:44:42 +0000 more]]>1-1.pngTour map and Logo

23.pngThe Expedition at the Ushuaia port famous landmark


When we started TAMARBIKES, 4 years ago, it was one of our life’s dreams to reach South America, and especially, Ushuaia the most southern city on earth. Consequently, when I finally reached with our first Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego Adventure, it was a threefold success for us: 1. We had reached the End of the earth Ushuaia and made one dream come true; 2. We came leading a tour with 8 other riders, making us one of the few touring companies that go to the end of the earth, and; 3. This was also the end to a year where we were on 4 continents in one year Asia (Himalaya Adventure). Europe, Africa (Africa Expedition & Morocco, and South America.

19-1.pngThe armada on its way south

15-1.pngOsorno – 1000Km south of Santiago de chile


Our tour begins in Osorno Chile, a medium sized town in the middle of the agricultural hub of Chile. “They sell here milk and meat”, told me our driver on the way from the Airport into town we see cows laying in the meadows all very beautiful well kept and cared for with a very strong feeling of France or Switzerland, but on second look it is more beautiful. Its spring time here the air is crisp, and the back drop is snow-capped volcanoes all around and tomorrow pristine alpine lakes of amazing beauty. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
Arrival day is always about welcome, getting acquainted, having a first briefing and having the traditional welcome festive dinner and off to an early night to sleep away the Jet lag. And get ready to the long and challenging ride to el Fin del Mundo.

25-1.pngBriefings and Instructions – Making a perfect tour better.

11-1.pngOn the way to Bariloche

Leg 1 – The lake district

Our first days of the tour are relatively easy we cross to Argentina and back to Chile the next day and roll round some breathtaking views some great asphalt as well as a little gravel to make thing interesting. Rumbling rivers amazing flowers lakes and Bariloche the St Moritz of Argentina all make for a fabulous warm up for the road ahead. We still don know what the fuss was about as things are still easy and we are all still very fresh on the bikes.

9-1.pngThe Lake district

13-1.pngThe colors on the way down

Leg 2 – The Carratera Austral

Day 4 begins with a roll down from Futalefu through the mountains down towards our second chapter – the Carratera Austral – This Mega project of the Generalissimo Pinochet the head of the military Coup that headed a military regime over Chile during the 70 and 80s. For many years there was no real land connection between central Chile and the southern region of Patagonia which is very lightly populated. Transportation was based on a 3-day ferry ride up to Poerto Montt, or simply crossing to Argentina and riding up the Quarenta, Highway 40 that crosses Argentina from north to south.

20-1.pngTha Carratera Austral

The Carratera Austral is still not paved its full length so you can find yourself winding through tricky curves climbing steep inclines on gravel. If you happen to hit some rain, which is not unlikely, you may be riding on some tricky muddy or slippery surfaces so bare this in mind. As we work our way south, villages become smaller and more picturesque. We find German villages (Puyuhapy), and beside one regional town of Coyhaique, its wilderness and small villages right the way down. The Chileans call HW 7, The Caraterra Austral the road to the end of the world however it only reaches the end of the Chilean world. We however will take this task a little more seriously when we cross to Argentina for our third Leg across the planes of Argentina through its Estancias and very long roads (1 specific one – AR40) continuing our voyage southbound.

26-1.pngA selfie over the valley with the guys

10-1.pngAmazing riding

Leg 3 – Glaciers and granite massifs.

We start the third Leg of our ride when we leave the Carratera Austral and cross over to Argentina once again. The remainder of the day and the next day are all about getting some serious miles under our belt and we are going to break for the night at a genuine Estancia (farm house) where the gauchos (Cowboys) will prepare for us a real Argentinian BBQ. Food is fabulous, we drink ourselves silly with local beer and wine and were off to our beds which are in large rooms of a number of beds (3-4) in each for a cozy but intensive sleep after a long ride. Next day we are on our way to El Calafate, The Mecca of trekkers and our rest day destination.

6-1.pngThe Perito Moreno

El Calafate is a typical trekkers town with lots of hotels of all levels, god restaurants if you know where to go, a souvenirs market, and much more. We rest get some laundry arranged for all – after 9 days – and get ready for the Perito Moreno – the famous collapsing glacier that keeps this town alive among others. The well-known trek of Mt Fitz Roy is also less than a day’s ride away as well as our next stop. We opt for a van instead of riding the next morning leaving the bikes behind which is a good decision. It’s a short ride to the Glacier and then a couple of hours of the best nature scenery and photography and areal show by mother nature crackling and collapsing into the lake with a thundering roll ever so often. Amazing!

14-1.pngAR40 – Highway 40 longest national road on earth

Next day we are back on the bikes and heading to, yet another top of the world nature reserves this time on the Chilean side. Torres del Paine is undoubtedly one of the most amazing nature reserves in the world. It built for trekking and also has a Luxury flare to it with in park luxury hotels however we are riding through it. A prehistoric giant bear, and the huge and magnificent granite mountains creating a postcard like picture from almost any lookout you stop to take in the view. It’s a great easy gravel riding and a fabulous way to get some of the best nature pictures possible.

30-1.pngRelaxing at the end of a long riding days – Smiles included

21-1.pngOn the shores of Tierra del Fuego

Leg 4 – Tierra-del-Fuego and Fin-del-Mundo

This is our Final Leg. It will take us 2 days to reach Ushuaia as we stop in Cerro Sombrero before we cross again to Argentina. This allows for some time for the ferry over the Magellan straits, something which can be tricky, and very prone to weather and tides, as we would find out the hard ways on our way back. So, we ride by the turnoff to the southern port of Puerto Natales on our way to the Tierra del Fuego Island. The ferry is bumpy but it’s a 15 minute run across these straits at their slimmest part of the “waist” and then another hour to the Cerro Sombrero village and Hotel.

2-1.pngThe mandatory Photo-Op at the gates of Ushuaia

Nest day its an early start and we are on our way to the end of the earth. When the wind picks up we find ourselves riding at ridiculous angels while riding in a straight line. However, once we get the hang of it its actually fun. Another challenging situation we get to master on this tour. Ushuaia welcomes us with its famous gates 2 columns bearing the name of the city which creates a photo op and an opportunity to hug and pat each other’s egos for a job well done. Tomorrow is a day for rest and reflection, some excursions are available to us too. We take the last morning in Ushuaia to really hit h end of AR3 right to the end of the road and tour around the Tierra del Fuego national park. Then its off back north we will stay at Rio Grande tonight just to break the ride and Finish in Punta Arenas the next day.

5-1.pngFerry across the Magellan straits

The mandatory photo-op at the entrance to Ushuaia

4-1.pngGetting packed at the end of the ride

Departures and goodbyes

The Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego adventure brings with it a real sense of accomplishment. Reaching the most southern city on earth is considered by many an adventurer a ‘must do’ for their adventure list. For my first time it was as exciting as imagined it would be. I’m going to hazard a guess that coming back this year will be different. However this ride is certainly up there with my very favorites in the world. The Patagonia Adventure encompasses so much of what we love about Adventure riding.
Don’t miss out on it.

22-1.pngThe end of the Pan American Highway 17,848 Km from Alaska

Always Ride safe


For information about the next Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego Adventure Click here

To contact me directly via WhatsApp click to text here

Or Simply call by phone Click to dial

]]> direct marketing or Travel agents that is the Question Or The Adventure Bike Rider – How to find him?, 21 Aug 2018 12:21:28 +0000 more]]>By Eytan Magen – Managing Director of TAMAR Mediterranean Mototours ltd.

For an SMB paving it way in the oceans of international motorcycle touring marketing this question has been out hovering out there since day one. While branding, reputation and client awareness take time and money, finding the right established partners can be for some, the difference between survival or even success, and failure.

While ‘on Line’ has clear and apparent advantages to a young touring SMB. It is at a very low ticket to create your initial presence and have to potential to reach the full potential of the market worldwide. You can create a maintain an image with limited resources.  And you can build a niche business without being afraid of lack of potential clients.

Alternatively, referrals from tour agents can give you the much-needed credibility and professional image once you have convinced the agent of your ability to provide quality dependable services. However, the remains the need to convince such agent of such abilities a task that may be a hard task if the agent is doing his job properly.

While contemplating these dilemmas I am wondering if this is not the real challenge that travel agents are facing these days. Where can they find their added value to remain relevant for both tour providers and tourists alike in a ever diminishing market being dominated by online.

Over the years I have found that the smaller the niche the less likely you are to find a specialized agent able to properly address your niche market. The agent tries to cater to the largest clientele he can acquire and thus does not target inherently specific specialized niches. Moreover, selling a niche product requires expertise and understanding of the activity in order to sell its intricacies.

Going back to motorcycle guided tours and adventures I have that there very few agencies who have branded themselves and tat have the ability to send Motorcycle guided tours. These are usually the exception and not the general rule and many a time they will become an agent for one of the large companies in the market forgoing the ability to work with any other company.

Lately a new kind of player is arising in these touring products marketing arenas. Portals, or online agencies that pride themselves about working with everyone. These “online agencies” attract on line traffic that enables them to come up high or first on search engines and thus by cooperating with them a niche touring SMB can bring himself to the front of the line with a commission-based fee only. However, you are packed I with the crowd, so it will be hard to impossible to rise above unless you are paying to be promoted.  Another issue is that the “big boys” don’t use these portals thus you will be branded small fish by the mere registration to one of these portals.

There are 3 important conclusions I would like to stress: 1. New SMB while may use agencies or portals as the case may be on there way to establishment, must consider on line marketing as a core competence of their business and rapidly develop their own digital assets and image on the way to success; 2. Travel agencies who have been losing ground to the digital marketing arena must develop specialties and focused markets where there marketing power and prestige is an asset for SMB touring companies either in their initial stages or even further on when a relation has been established and the agent can create volume for the SMB; 3. There is a new kind of travel agency on the horizon – the specialized focused portal. If you are an agency at war with declining business maybe this is your solution for survival.

The writer is a manger and an entrepreneur the founder of TAMARBIKES a leading boutique motorcycle touring company and the pioneer of motorcycle touring In Israel.

]]> New Morocco Adventure Album April 2018, 29 Jul 2018 12:52:18 +0000

Click here to view this photo book larger

Create your own personalized photo books at


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