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Ohlins Now Offers Components Direct To Consumers


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Renowned Swedish suspension component manufacturer Ohlins was recently purchased by the USA’s Tenneco.  As a result of the purchase, Tenneco has changed Ohlin’s sales strategy.

Ohlins fork

Gold casings mark most Ohlins products. Shown here is a set of front forks for a motorcycle.

Ohlins has been the generally accepted leader in motorcycle suspensions for a very long time.  A key part of Ohlins’ strategy was to develop a network of dealers and expert service centers to support and advise customers.  This support system was significantly responsible for Ohlins’ growth and prestige.   It was this system that provided end users with easy access to Ohlin’s product range as well as a superior level of expert advice.

Ohlins bicycle

Ohlins suspension is available for bicycles as well.

Tenneco says that it wants Ohlins to stick with this strategy.  But they also say that they have seen a shift in consumer buying practices.  They say that consumers are moving more and more to buying online.   German outlet quoted Ohlins as saying:

“While we continue to believe in this strategy and will always support our network, we see a shift in consumer buying habits towards online purchases.”

As a result, Ohlins’ suspension products for motorcycles, cars and mountain bikes can now be purchased directly from Ohlins at their new Ohlins’ online store.

Ohlins car

Cars can also benefit from Ohlins shocks and technology.

It will be interesting to see if this more direct to consumer strategy works for Ohlins going forward.  To many, one of the key elements of Ohlins suspension was the expertise provided by Ohlins experts.  With consumers purchasing components directly, will Olins be able to retain the legacy of leading-edge performance and set-up?  We’ll see as time goes by.

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