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More Details Emerge On Triumph-Bajaj Alliance




Back in August 2017 British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles and India’s Bajaj Auto announced a new partnership.  Recently, more details have emerged.  The partnership calls for the development of medium displacement motorcycles in the 350cc to 600cc segment.  In the deal, Triumph is responsible for research and development, design and quality.  Bajaj will bring its large vendor base, curb production costs to help achieve competitive pricing.


Bajaj Auto will provide cost-cutting experience and options.

The goal of the partnership is to expand both companies’ market share and challenge the dominance of Royal Enfield.  In addition, the agreement aims to compete with existing and future models from both Jawa and Harley-Davidson.

Finalized partnership closer

Apparently, Triumph and Bajaj are getting closer to a final agreement on the deal.  According to Shoeb Farooq, General Manager, Triumph India:

“On the product side, things are progressing well and, in another few months, the commercial agreement will be there. The research and development, design and quality of the b will be driven by Triumph. Every manufacturer has certain capabilities, such as the vendor base and the ability to bring down the price, which Triumph does not possess

In addition, according to Farooq, the Indian market is not the only target market under the partnership.

“It is not about India alone, but also about picking up the right markets globally and taking this product and the collaboration there.  Once the commercial agreement is done, I guess work on the distribution side of the business will begin, which is regarding how the product will be launched in the market.”

On its face, this is quite interesting.  It’s a case of another motorcycle manufacturer moving to India to help reduce costs.  But it also sets its sights not only on the Indian market but on many other worldwide markets.   We’ll have more details when the agreement is finalized.

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