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Christini All Wheel Drive Kits For KTM Adventure Bikes Coming


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All-wheel drive (AWD) motorcycle manufacturer Christini has announced that it is bringing its AWD system to KTM’s big adventure bikes.  The kit for KTM’s large adventure machines will be available this summer.

Christini has been manufacturing AWD bikes and kits for quite some time, but this is the first time that they have offered a kit to power KTM’s big ADV machines.  While AWD can make sense for small lightweight dirtbikes, it would seem to make even more sense for their heavier versions.  It’s fairly easy to throw a small dirt bike around and pick it up when you fall.  But add in a few hundred more pounds and the system could be very helpful.


This sheet shows how the Christini AWD system works: Photo credit: Christini

To give you an idea of how AWD works on a bigger bike, check out the video below of the kit installed on a KTM 1090.

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Posted by on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The system is fairly complex.  Christini can install the kit for you or you can perform the conversion yourself.  At $4,500 it’s not an inexpensive upgrade, but if you ride a lot of sand/mud, it certainly can become an asset.

Some might argue that the system makes riding difficult terrain too easy, but if difficult terrain is often your companion, AWD can make your trail riding and traveling easier.

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