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Touratech releases BMW R1250 GS accessory line


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Just as you’d expect, Touratech has released a whole raft of aftermarket accessories to fit the new-for-2019 BMW R1250 GS.

Touratech has paid the bills by building a strong line of aftermarket bits for BMW’s adventure bikes for years. With the new R1250 platform unveiled last fall, everyone knew to expect Touratech to follow up with a line of crash bars and other bits, and now we have the first of those pieces available. But first, a word of warning: If you’re the kind of Dave Ramsey fan or KLR rider who’s enraged by expensive aftermarket bits, then consider this a trigger warning. These parts aren’t cheap. In fact, some of them are probably worth considerably more than the average clapped-out 650 dual sport.

Carrying on, then: If you’re looking for protection for your R1250 GS, you can buy a hydroformed 4mm aluminum skid plate for $439.95 – $449.95 (depending whether you want a silver or black finish). Crash bars (1-inch stainless steel tubing) to protect the exposed cylinder heads, with silver finish, will run you $399.95. A quick-release headlight guard (choice of black wire or see-through polycarbonate) is $149.95.

For hand and foot controls, Touratech is offering extended handguard spoilers, which mount on the OEM handguards, for $64.95. There’s also a set of stainless steel offroad footpegs for $189.95, available in low or stock mounting positions.

Touratech has an adjustable luggage rack for the R1250 GS, with removable “wings” that can be added to expand the amount of rack space available. The rack sells for $219. There’s also a Zega Pro pannier system available, for $1,349 – $1,499 (wot, no milk crate?).

Most interestingly, Touratech is once again providing electronically controlled “smart suspension. According to Touratech’s press release, “The Touratech Plug-and-Travel suspension integrates perfectly with BMW’s electronics and guarantees full functionality of the adjustment system while dramatically increasing the overall suspension performance. Custom spring rates are selected to allow heavier or lighter riders to use the full range of the available ESA settings. Optimized damping profiles give the bike a more plush ride than stock or an even sportier feel at the press of a button.” Sounds like a more-or-less drop-in setup? MSRP for this suspension is $3,990. Yikes. But, if you’ve used electrosuspension, you know it’s awfully good …

There’s a set of folding mirrors available for $99, a tank bag for $289, an oversized kickstand foot for $69.95, bar risers for $79.95 – $94.95, and dual USB outlet for $74.95. Full details on the product line at Touratech USA’s website.

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