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Could A Honda CBX Be Coming Back?


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Multiple outlets including MoreBikes are saying that Honda has filed new patents for an inline six-cylinder cafe racer motorcycle.   Honda manufactured a six-cylinder bike from 1978 – 1982 called the CBX.  At its introduction, it was one of the fastest motorcycles of its time.

While the original CBX did not come in a cafe racer style from the factory, it did show off a beautiful inline six-cylinder engine.


The six-cylinder Honda CBX.

Honda’s patent drawings show a stripped down cafe racer type machine with short “clip-on” style handlebars.  Styling is very retro.   A small bikini fairing and a three tipped exhaust grace each side of the machine.


A side view rendering of a six-cylinder bike used in a Honda patent application. Photo Credit: MoreBikes

But probably the most exciting part is the inline six-cylinder engine.  Patent drawings show the engine with three cylinders on each side.  A large radiator is shown in front of the engine so it is apparently liquid cooled.


The six-cylinder engine shown in Honda’s patent application. Photo credit: MoreBikes

The bike’s midsection appears to house an airbox.  It sits just below and forward of the rider’s seat.   That’s interesting.


Honda looks to be putting an airbox behind the engine’s cylinder head. Photo credit: MoreBikes

The patent application does not say anything about the engine’s displacement.

Although the application and drawings are very interesting, there’s no guarantee that this bike will ever make it into production.  Only a part of parts of the machine shown in the application will make it to production.  The bike shown could be for reference only.  It could also be that none of what’s shown in the application will ever be produced.

However, if the machine or even its engine comes to fruition, it will be an exciting development.

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