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ReVolt Motorcycles moving onwards to production


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The ReVolt electric lineup is moving closer to production, with a prototype being spotted in the wild, and plans for production in Kenya.

This ReVolt prototype isn’t interesting due to its spec sheet, as we don’t have much of that information yet. Supposedly, top speed is 85 km/h, and it has a 150-km range, with a swappable lithium-ion battery. Not the fastest battery bike on the market, but still sounding like a very sensible commuter bike for its intended market. The bike is supposed to have some sort of AI system as well, with 4G/LTE connectivity, so it’s definitely going to have features that are rare on entry-level electrics.

While some press copy talks about ReVolt building a classic-styled bike, along the lines of a BMW R71, the machine we see in the photo above is anything but. Presumably that’s because the retro-styled machine is yet to come, and this is just the first entry in a multi-bike lineup?

What’s most interesting about the proposed lineup is that Rahul Sharma is behind it, the same guy who started mobile telecomm giant Micromax. He’s an outsider to the industry, and he has big plans. He wants to sell electric motorcycles all over the world, not just in India, and he’s planning to hit the market full-force. He wants to build 120,000 bikes a year in India at the beginning of his production run. And, he’s planning production elsewhere, too.

ReVolt’s people were just in Africa this week, where they’ve also announced a plan to build battery bikes in Kenya as well. The deal would see 2,000 ReVolts sold there, for $20 million, intended for the taxi market, and the bikes manufactured in Kenya would be sold all over Africa. Is ReVolt en route to building a modern-day electric Cub? Let’s see how this one plays out …

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