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New Details Emerge About NYC Congestion Toll


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The New York Times is reporting that certain details about the New York City Congestion Toll are becoming clearer.  The toll will take effect in 2021 for drivers that enter below 60th Street.

Politicians believe that the imposition of the toll will decrease the number of people driving into the “congestion zone” each day.  According to the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council, about 880,000 people drive into the zone each weekday.

Once implemented, the toll could raise approximately $1 billion in revenue each year.  Proposed toll charges are estimated to be between $12 to $14 for each car.  The toll for trucks could be about $25.


Still, other exemptions are under consideration or have been suggested.

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Vehicles carrying disable persons.  A statement from New York Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio referred to vehicles “operated by or transporting people with disabilities and people who have an identifiable hardship or limited ability to access medical facilities” in the congestion zone.
  • Drivers who live in the congestion zone.  Interestingly, they will not have to pay when they drive within in or leave the congestion zone but would be required to pay the toll upon their return.  Residents who earn less than $60,000 a year may receive a tax credit.
  • Drivers who use the West Side Highway and FDR Drive to pass through Manhattan.


Further exemptions under consideration

The New York Times says that the following additional exemptions are under consideration.

  • An unnamed New Jersey congressman is calling for federal legislation to ensure that drivers that pay tolls to cross between states cannot be charged the toll twice.
  • Police officers commuting to work.
  • Motorcyclists
  • Eco-friendly green cars”.

In addition, some politicians have singled out two groups of drivers for a discount from the congestion toll.  Under their proposals, drivers from Staten Island and Queens could be given a discount.

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