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Is this the new Suzuki DR Big?


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Aha! From the traditional adventure riding grounds of Italy comes this photograph from Acidmoto, showing what appears to be a prototype of the rumored Suzuki DR Big.

For weeks, there have been suggestions that a new Suzuki DR Big is coming. The new bike would carry the same nickname, more or less, as the old DR750/DR800 models, but would feature a V-twin, instead of the legendary massive single-cylinder engine that made the original so unique.

The story is that the new bike would have the same engine as the V-Strom 1000, maybe with some re-turning, but the same basic engine that has been around since the TL1000 line debuted in 1997. You can look at that as a bad thing (“Wot, no new technology?), or a good thing (“Ah, the same old trusty V-twin as always!“). Suzuki is certainly getting lots of mileage out of its established engines, with old Gixxer tech powering the revived Katana, and the V-Strom 650 and 1000 platforms looking like they’ll be soldiering away into the next decade.

The photo does not really give much away, though. There’s a lot of bodywork up front, sculpted in what appear to be smooth lines like the Africa Twin, not angular edges that typify Euro machinery. The original DR Big was the first adventure bike to feature “The Beak” that now typifies this class, and lo and behold, The Beak is present here.

Other than that, the bike is wrapped in dazzle camo, keeping most details a mystery.

If this is indeed the DR Big, it will come to market facing a lot of competition from highly advanced competitors, but if pricing is right – and that seems to be Suzuki’s forte these days – it’s still possible it could carve itself a nice little niche in the market.

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