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Into The Wild Overland @ Overland Expo




Into The Wild Overland is a company that I’m guessing almost all of you have never heard of, myself included. They had a product on display at Overland Expo that might be of interest to some of you.

I know a lot of riders love to set up base camp at a trailhead and go ride for days or weeks in one area coming back to camp nightly.

A tent or hammock is obviously the cheapest way to do this, and then maybe sleeping out of the back of your truck somehow but if you are looking for a little more comfort, you might be thinking about a Sprinter Van or similar.

The problem with those vans, if you aren’t on the road full time, is its an extra vehicle, more insurance, and related costs, has to be parked outside full time unless you have a big shop space, because, maybe, it doesn’t work with your 9-5 life…and fully kitted out new vans can be in the $100-150,000 range

Into the Wild Overland had a couple of trailers on display, small enough to fit in your garage, light enough to be towed by just about anything. Fully kitted out, solar powered as a stand-alone vehicle with no need to plug into the grid.

The difference between their trailer and others I saw is it is made to hold a motorcycle across the tongue, specifically designed to do so, not an afterthought, and not teeter-tottering on a trailer hitch.





This IS NOT a paid post, or advertising, just something I saw over the weekend at the show and thought a number of you might have some interest in.

I asked the owner, Matt to join advrider.com and put this in the vendor section and start a thread, as we are his target audience, that way you could ask any question you want or maybe just go to his website and get more details  https://itwoverland.com/

Vezi sursa



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