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Supercross Going Electric with KTM


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Electric motorcycles have been on the rise lately.   Another competition sanctioning body apparently that electric motorcycles have their place in their series.

The Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) is known as the world’s largest motorcycle racing sanctioning bodies.  It has already implemented an electric motorcycle road racing series called Moto-E.

That series was delayed by a fire that burned all the series’ Moto-E bikes parked in the paddock.  But a new schedule has been announced and the Moto-E series will kick off on July 5, 2019.

Supercross joins electric motorcycle ranks

Now, Supercross has apparently joined the electric motorcycle world.  According to TechCrunch, the Monster Energy Supercross Series will add electric motorcycles to its franchise in the near future.  TechCrunch cites David Prater, Supercross’ Director of Operations as the source of its claim.


KTM’s SXE 5 electric bike for kids reportedly has a two hour to 25-minute range depending on its rider’s abilities and use.

So it now looks like dirt racing has embraced electric motorcycles.  But before you get all excited (or upset) the first electric Supercross series will kick off with the earliest of early adopters; seven to eight-year-olds.

KTM motorcycles

Supercross plans to convert its Junior Racing program to electric motorcycles with the help of its sponsor, KTM.  Supercross’ Prater told TechCrunch:

They’ve been working on an electric 50cc equivalent motorcycle and their goal is to launch that in October.  We haven’t one-hundred-percented it yet, but it’s fairly close and we’re…going to race that electric KTM in October at the Monster Energy Cup.

KTM North America had no comment regarding the rumored electric motorcycle Junior Supercross class.  But the Austrian based KTM has already released its Freeride E-XC motorcycle for sale to adults.

Then in late 2018 at EICMA, KTM released its SX-E 5, a 50cc equivalent electric junior motorcycle.  In a press release, KTM claimed that the bike would have a ride time of 25 minutes to 2 hours and be available in North American dealerships in the fall of 2019.


8 to 9-year-olds will be moving to electric motorcycles in Supercross’ Junior Series.

When asked about the change to electric motorcycles, Prater said:

“It’s really exciting, and I think the strategy is let’s start with the small bike, put the kids on electric bikes, and grow from there.”

The race for younger riders

So it looks like Supercross is making the move to electric motorcycles in its junior class in an effort to bring new younger riders into the racing fold.  The philosophy of combining electric motorcycles and young riders seems to represent a new strategy for racing.

Start young riders racing on electric machines and they will happily transition to electric adult machines as they grow older.  And as they grow older, they will bring electric motorcycles with them to the “regular” series.

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