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British Columbia-based startup raises $2.5M for safety tech





Entrepreneurs in British Columbia, Canada, have raised $2.5 million for new safety technology that uses AI to keep motorcyclists safe.

Damon Motorcycles has developed what it’s calling “The first AI-enhanced warning system for motorcycles.” That may be a bit of a stretch, as AI safety systems have been under development for a while now, but the company’s work is indeed interesting.

Basically, Damon’s designs integrate multiple sensors built into a motorcycle, which then feed information into a mobile computing system, which communicates with an exterior network by 5G cellular telecommunication tech. The safety systems then analyze the information gathered and detect possible dangers using artificial intelligence, built from the results of algorithms developed over thousands of miles of testing. Information about possible crash scenarios is then sent back to the motorcycle’s onboard processor, to warn the rider of possible danger.

It all sounds interesting, but is it better than just paying attention while you ride? Damon thinks so, and touts its technology as the first vehicle safety AI that provides 360 degrees of safety to vulnerable road users—most onboard safety tech is aimed at keeping car drivers safe, and their needs are different, says Damon.

Of course, the technology is dependent on cell signal, among other things, which means it may not be of use to everyone, if you ride in areas where cell signal is weak. However, Damon’s developers believe there are some valuable applications for its technology, particularly in the area of fleet technology. Damon says its technology can reduce work time loss due to motorcycle-caused work injuries, for jobs that require two-wheeled transportation (motorcycle couriers, or security guards/law enforcement that ride motorcycles, for instance).

Damon also says motorcycle manufacturers are evaluating its technology for inclusion on future models. Founder/CEO Jay Giraud says “We are focused on the forgotten category of 1.5 billion vulnerable road users, and to fulfill our vision, we put data-driven thinking at the epicentre of the company. We are building a radical riding experience where the joy and simplicity of riding is augmented by technology, and our goal is to usher in a world with no fatal accidents on Damonized vehicles by 2030.”

Bold words, indeed, but the company’s employees must be persuasive, because they’ve just announced a funding drive that brought in $2.5 million from investors like Round 13 Capital, Techstars, Extreme Venture Partners and Pallasite Ventures. That’s a lot of dough to play with–let’s see what they come up with.

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