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Long Way Up Is Happening: Will Ewan Be Riding a Moto Guzzi?


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Charley Boorman has just confirmed that Long Way Up, a motorcycle journey from South to North America, is a go, and that Ewan Mcgregor is on board. According to Charley, the trip is to kick off in a few months, and the duo will most likely be riding from Ushuaia, Argentina, to LA.

When I talked to Charley some months back, he told me he was keen on riding South America and vague plans were already in the works. “I don’t want to jinx it, though”, – Charley said back then. Now, it seems, the Long Way Up is confirmed, and Charley promises it’s going to be different than Long Way Round and Long Way Down. “We are not going to do it traditionally, so there’s going to be a little twist”, – Charley told MCN.

What that little twist is going to be is still unclear, and it’s left the adventure motorcycling community guessing. Another hot topic is what bikes will Charley and Ewan be riding. Ewan is an official ambassador for Moto Guzzi, as seen in this new V8 TT ad:

Charley, on the other hand, is a Triumph ambassador, so it remains unclear whether they’ll be riding different bikes or sticking to their good old BMW GS setups for this trip. Charley has revealed that they are trying to put the old crew together and that producer Russ Malkin has already confirmed he’ll be working on the series.

Some have remarked that the trip is more of a “Half Way Up” than “Long Way Up” since the duo will not be riding all the way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. However, they have already ridden Alaska on LRW, and if the journey is to start off in September or October, by the time they reach the US it’ll already be too late in the season to go that far north.

Featured image: Charley Boorman

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