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Pikes Peak Claims Ducati’s Carlin Dunne


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The Pikes Peak “Race To The Clouds” has demanded another life. Carlin Dunne, an experienced and 4-time winner of the event, lost his life just short of the finish line.

Defending his title at the 97th edition of the race, Dunne was aboard the Ducati’s new V-4 Streetfighter prototype. He was reportedly very close to the finish line when the crash occurred.


Carlin Dunne aboard the Ducati Streetfighter V-4 prototype. Photo credit: Ducati

Running well

Dunne was in the midst of an excellent run having set fastest sector times in the first 3 of 4 sectors. But something happened between the end of sector 3 and the finish line. Details of the crash are still quite sketchy with no definitive cause identified. There are reports that a bump near the finish line caused Dunne to lose control of his machine.

Carlin Dunne was a multi-talented person and had interests outside of motorcycle racing. He took a break from professional racing for a short time. He decided to focus on his passion for film and spent that time working on the movie “Dust To Glory 2”.

In an interview with Cycle World, Dunne said the following:

“Film has been a big thing my entire life. I went to film school and was the head of the film club in high school.  I always envisioned myself working in the film industry, either as a second unit director doing stunts myself; anything where I could be creative at the onset, doing something different every day.  And so I started to pursue those avenues a little bit more once I stopped racing full time.”

But at the invitation of Ducati, Dunne decided to return to racing and Pikes Peak, something he was very good at. With four Pike’s Peak victories to his name, Carlin appeared to be ready to celebrate his 5th. But due to currently unknown circumstances, Carlin Dunne has been taken from us.


Ducati and Pike’s Peak issued a joint press release expressing their condolences. I’d like to pass on my condolences as well. Carlin’s death is a terrible loss to racing and the motorcycle community as a whole as well. We send our deepest condolences to Carlin’s family and friends. We’re sending positive thoughts your way.

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