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Indian confirms PowerPlus engine, Challenger bagger


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Indian has released details on its new liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine, soon to be unveiled in the also-confirmed Challenger bagger.

Patent drawings and spy shots of the PowerPlus engine and Challenger motorcycle have been popping up for months, even in official Indian photos, but nothing had actually been confirmed until now.

Here’s what we know. The PowerPlus (named after the classic Indian model) has 108 ci displacement (1769 cc), makes 122 hp at 5,500 rpm, with 128 lb-ft of torque at 3,800 rpm. The unit construction 60-degree V-twin is liquid-cooled, with 6,500 rpm redline. There’s an overheard cam arrangement, with hydraulic valve lash adjustment and hydraulic camchain tensioners. As you’d expect, it’s fuel-injected, with dual-bore throttle bodies. There’s an assist clutch, and six-speed gearbox with “true overdrive.” Compression ratio is 11:1. The cylinders have four-valve heads.

In its initial configuration, the engine’s electronic brains will have three ride modes programmed in (expect this to change as it develops over the years).

Supposedly, this engine started out as a Victory design, but was shunted over to Indian when Polaris shuttered Victory. Indian claims the new engine has seen 250,000 on-road miles of testing, plus dyno runs and lots of other simulated testing. At this point, it’s the most powerful engine Indian has ever used in a motorcycle.

Along with the new engine, Polaris confirmed the imminent arrival of the Challenger bike, the first machine to use the PowerPlus motor. The Challenger will have a frame-mounted fairing, similar to the Harley-Davidson Road Glide, and has already been spotted several times. Expect it to appear on this fall’s show circuit.

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