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Touratech Announces Aventuro Traveller Helmet (EICMA 2019)


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Touratech has announced its newest modular helmet named the Aventuro Traveller.  The adventure riding gear company says that the new helmet offers “huge” airflow while remaining quiet for the rider.  In addition, as a modular helmet, it offers flip-up convenience while remaining lightweight for all-day riding comfort.

Aventuro ventilation

Full face helmet with their fully enclosed environment can be hot and stuffy in hot weather.  Touratech says that the Aventuro Traveller solves this problem with a special peak design.  The peak directs cooling air into an oversized vent located near the forehead of the helmet.  When open, the vent distributes air through the helmet liner to help keep a rider’s head cool.

Touratech claims that the flow is so impressive that the Aventuro Traveller comes with a “low-flow” flap that can be closed to reduce airflow when riding in cooler weather.  A large chin vent provides even more venting if desired.  Both vents are glove-friendly and are easy to open and close while riding.

A Lighter Aventuro

The new Aventuro Traveller is lighter than its predecessor and many other modular helmets in the market.  The Aventuro Traveller Carbon weighs a claimed half-pound lighter than the previous model.  If you opt for the multi-fiber model, it is a third of a pound lighter than the model it replaces.

Paul Guillien, the CEO of Touratech-USA had this to say about the new helmet:

“We expect this helmet to hit the sweet spot for many travelers and adventure riders because it has the flip-up feature we love for interacting with people at the gas station or communicating with our riding buddies, but it’s lightweight and has lots of airflow like a good off-road helmet should. It’s the best of both worlds.” 

Sealed and quiet

With a double seal on the shield and chin bar, rain and dust are held at bay and noise levels are reduced.  The helmet’s large front opening accommodates goggles and glasses if you are so inclined.

But if you prefer to use the helmet’s shield, it is easy to open with either hand using specially provided grip tabs on both sides. The shield has four detent positions and comes with a Pinlock® insert to prevent fogging.  Sunglasses are not necessary thanks to an integrated sun visor that flips down with a glove-friendly control.


The Aventuro Traveller is prepped for most communication systems including SENA, Scala Rider and others.  To make installation easier, the are cavities for speakers and a microphone as well as an easy path for routing wires.

Finally, as with modular helmets, voice communication is as simple as opening the chin bar and lifting the helmet off.  If you enjoy taking pictures, there’s no need to remove your helmet.  Just flip up the chin bar and you are ready to take photos.  Even better once you are done, all you need to is close the chin bar and you can be on your way.

Styles and pricing

The Aventuro Traveller carbon version is available in 3 graphics styles and retails for $749.  The Multi-fiber version is available in two solid colors and retails for $649.  If the Aventuro Traveller is for you, they are available for pre-order now with deliveries commencing in early 2020.


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