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Check in at the next IMS show for new SHAD luggage (IMS Long Beach 2019)


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Spanish motorcycle luggage manufacturer SHAD has just released a new set of aluminum panniers, designed for adventure bikes—but alas, they didn’t have them on display at Long Beach’s IMS show last weekend (although there was lots of other SHAD stuff on display, as you can see above). But don’t worry, because you’ll get a chance to see them soon, if you’re headed to one of the other IMS shows.

Earlier in November, at EICMA, SHAD was showing off its new Terra cases, with a new double-locking design. But, uh, it doesn’t really explain that that means; the website says “On one hand, it gives an easy and quick installation of the case to its specific fixation and, on the other hand, allows you to open and close easily the case.” A hands-on peek at the IMS show would have been helpful, but that didn’t happen. However, the booth’s staff said SHAD would have the cases on display at the IMS show in New York. December 6-8.

Thanks to SHAD’S website, we do know the Terra cases are made of an aluminum alloy, and come with a top case in either 37-liter or 48-liter capacity, and side bags of either 35 liters or 47 liters. The panniers are side-opening, as opposed the traditional top-opening design of the toughest offroad luggage. SHAD will also have luggage racks to fit the bags and topbox to various current-model motorcycles.

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