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Trademark filings seem to indicate Honda CT125 will debut soon


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It seems like the prototype CT125 that Honda was displaying at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show is actually going to become a production model.

When Honda unveiled the CT125 concept bike at Tokyo, there were no promises given. Since there are no guarantees  a concept will ever become a production model, there were plenty of people who liked the bike, but doubted it would ever make it to showroom floors.

However, there’s new information from BikeSocial that indicates Honda is working on bringing the CT125 to North America, but under a different name.

BikeSocial has discovered Honda has applied for trademark protection in the US for the names “Hunter 125” and “Trail 125.” Both these names recall classic Honda models from the original CT line.

While the Honda X-ADV has grabbed headlines in recent years in its unusual role of adventure scooter, the reality is that Honda’s actually got a long history of making adventurous machines that combined features of both motorcycles and scooters, mostly sold in the CT line. These were originally based on Honda Cub models, but had some major differences to make them more rugged and offroad-capable (dual-range transmissions, knobbies, better suspension, different handlebars and new frames). These machines weren’t intended to be aggressive, fast bikes; instead, they were focused on durability and usability. While long discontinued in North America, they’ve soldiered on in other markets for decades, particularly as the “postie bike” used by mail delivery personnel in Australia and New Zealand. They’re so beloved Down Under that the Aussies have their own rally devoted to the machines. And, Brit adventure-riding author Nathan Millward has two books about his travels around the world on a Honda CT110.

So why build a CT125 now? Honda’s just recycling existing technology, like it did with the original CT models. The CT125 will be based on the air-cooled engine out of the Honda Grom, same as the new Super Cub model. That keeps production and development costs down, which should also keep the MSRP down.

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