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Stolen Motorcycle Returns After Nearly 3 Years


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A Portland Oregon man is much happier nearly three years after his beloved stolen motorcycle was returned. Erick Russ’s motorcycle was stolen in 2017. Russ thought it was gone for good. Initially, he thought the machine had been chopped and sold for parts. But after a while, something strange started to happen.

Speeding tickets

Russ started to get speeding tickets in the mail. In all, Russ received seven violation notices. It was then that Russ knew that his bike wasn’t chopped and sold for parts, he knew someone was out riding his pride and joy.

“At first I was relieved it wasn’t chopped up or whatever, but then I was like this guy is out having fun, he’s playing with my pet. Here he is having good times in the world.”

The news of Russ’ stolen motorcycle and speeding tickets made the local news and that’s when something unusual happened. Russ was contacted by the man that had been using his motorcycle and incurring the speeding tickets.

Rider Identified

A man by the name of Matt Young was the one that was seen in speed photo camera photos and was caught speeding on Russ’ stolen bike. Young had purchased the bike about a year an a half earlier. Young said he had no idea that the bike was stolen and that it wasn’t until he saw himself on TV in a news story that he knew the bike was stolen.

In addition, he didn’t know that he was receiving speeding tickets because the notice of violation had been sent to the bikes original owner, Erick Russ. Young decided it was about time the bike got back to its rightful owner and called Russ to give the bike back.

Paying the Fines

But it wasn’t so simple for Young, he had accrued over $4,000 in fines for speeding, late fees etc. But true to his word, Young returned the bike to Russ and took responsibility for the fines. When the two met, Young told Russ:

“I’m taking $4,000 in tickets and feel like I’m giving away my horse. But I watched that article twice today again and you [Russ] go, “somebody’s out there with my pet you know, and it brought a tear to my eye.  So here you go.”

It’s great to see someone do the right thing and even take responsibility for their errors. That doesn’t happen every day. “Bravo!” to you Matt Young. You’ve are a good man and have done the right thing. I hope that the city of Portland gives you a break on the speeding violations. You are quite an honorable man.



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