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UK officials shut down fraudulent rider training


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Traffic safety authorities in the UK have gone on a massive crackdown on fraudulent motorcycle trainers, with dozens of instructors given the boot.

A blog-format press release from the British government says 105 motorcycle riding instructors had their licence revoked in the crackdown. The authorities also stripped the licences of 18 “approved training bodies,” which presumably refers to rider training schools.

The piece doesn’t name any names, but it does say the crackdown came as the result of a variety of offences. In the most egregious cases, the instructors or schools were caught issuing licences in return for payment, without the prospective riders actually completing the training course successfully. In other cases, the schools were issuing licences that were claimed to have been earned on days the schools were actually closed, obviously throwing the veracity of those licences in doubt.

The crackdown is courtesy of  the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The release reports DVSA conducted 600 standards checks and 160 compliance checks in 2019, to make sure everything was being done properly. They checked not just the quality of the training itself, but also the condition of bikes and helmets used in the courses, and other details. This wasn’t The Man trying to hassle bikers, at least not according to the DVSA’s head instructor, who’s a rider himself. Instead, he says this is part of an effort to improve motorcycle training to ensure more riders complete the program, and to ensure they’re safer on the roads.

Overall, of 505 training programs, reports say four per cent were shut down.

In the UK, motorcycle riders must complete a training program before being allowed a full street licence, and are also held to a graduated licencing program. Full details here.


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