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Cake Osa An electric motorcycle that … doubles as a studio? A shop? A power source?


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Sweden-based Cake’s already made headlines for its oddball Kalk electric motorcycle, but its latest release is perhaps even more strange.

The new Cake Osa is sort of a sport utility motorcycle, but not in the way a GS or Africa Twin is; it’s not a big bike aimed at circling the world, it’s a small bike that’s aimed at doing lots of stuff.

The Osa is sort of an electric minibike, in that it’s small … but it’s still got decent power, as Cake says it can top 100 km/h in its highest-spec version, the Osa+. There’s a lower-spec Osa Lite that tops out at around 50 km/h for those riders without the need, the need for speed. And you can choose between two batteries; one’s rated at 1.5 kWh, the other at 2.6 kWh.

And then, there’s the “modular” design of the Osa. Cake says the machine is “an electric and modular utility motorcycle with off-road capabilities. The working bench & the power station on wheels.” And elsewhere on the site, “Thanks to the powerful battery with multiple outlets, its about a power station on wheels, taking you to wherever to execute, independently of the grid.

  • The carpenter or gardener can charge their power tools anywhere.
  • The rock guitarist or dj may hold a concert or a forest rave, bringing their gear in the middle of nowhere.
  • Last mile or the pizza delivery may execute clean last mile deliveries in cities around the world.”

The idea is, you can use the frame to attach workstands or racks, and the battery can be used to power other equipment with the help of an adapter. All very clever and modern-thinking, but alas, the price tag that comes with it is a tad steep—pricing for the Osa+ starts at $8,500 US. Find more information at Cake’s website.


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