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RMATV announces new soft luggage options


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Rocky Mountain ATV has just announced new soft luggage options—the Olympus quick-detach soft panniers, and the Highland semi-rackless saddlebag system.

The Olympus bags follow a now-familiar pattern. They’re decently large bags (about 40 litres of capacity apiece, including the fore and aft accessory pockets). There’s a waterproof inner liner which can be used to remove the bag’s content when you arrive at a hotel, or whatever. However, most riders will be more interested in the Olympus bags’ quick-detach function.

In a similar system to what other manufacturers are producing, the Olympus bags can be attached to an aluminum mounting plate, which is designed to clamp to pannier racks. Click it into place, throw three support straps over the bike’s tailsection, and you’re off. When you arrive, reverse that procedure; release the mounting plate, undo the support straps, and the soft panniers come off quickly. RMATV has two different sets of mounting plates available, one specifically designed for Tusk racks, the other a universal-fit design.

Rocky Mountain has included a set of plastic inserts that keep the bags semi-rigid, even when the contents are removed, which will probably be a welcome addition for many riders. So far, a round-up of the Interwebz has revealed considerable interest, as the pricing of these bags is attractive ($399 US), although some riders are complaining about the similarities to existing products from other companies.

The Highland saddlebags are advertised as rackless, but they’re actually designed to mount with a tail rack, but no pannier racks on the sides. Again, it’s a familiar pattern; there’s a piece fabric that wraps around the tail section, and the saddlebags attach to this, as well as Tusk dry bags, which can be added to the package.

Along with the saddlebags (25 litre capacity apiece), there are 33-litre and 22-litre tail bags, a tentpole bag and a set of accessory pouches available for this luggage system. Total capacity can be as high as 90 litres. Pricing starts at $329 US, but obviously the price tag grows as you add pieces.

The 25-litre saddlebags come with an internal dry bag. There’s all sorts of MOLLE webbing included, which will allow you to attach other stuff that isn’t part of the official Tusk package, too.

Tusk included cut-outs in the system to allow refuelling of the Husqvarna 701 and KTM 690, which will please owners of those machines.

For more details, you can head over to the RMATV vendor thread. Right now, RMATV is offering a 10 per cent discount on this luggage until March 15.

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