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Spied! Here’s a production version of the Honda CT125


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One of the most comment-inspiring concept motorcycles of the past year wasn’t an uber-rugged adventure bike, a super-fast sportbike, or a blinged-out cruiser. It was much more modest—the Honda CT125. And now, has uncovered design drawings of the production version (filed in Europe, see more details and photos at their website).

The CT125 is a very Honda-esque production. It plays to the brand’s strong history, but also its current strengths. In the past, Honda built much of its strong rep on the original CT series, especially the CT90 and CT110. These were kinda-sorta motorcycles, but had many scooter-like features (a frame that was almost a step-through design, a semi-auto gearbox, a small-capacity engine). Some models had particularly desirable features like a dual-range transmission, which provided bull-low gearing as well as relatively high-speed capability. The CT line was well-loved in North America, but hasn’t been sold here for a while. It’s remained for sale much longer overseas, particularly in markets like Australia, where’s known as the “postie bike,” as that’s who uses them there—postmen. Occasionally, these machines are liberated from their mail delivery tasks and pressed into other duties, like the Postie Bike Challenge, or round-the-world rides (see below).

Now, as for the CT125: It’s based on the same engine that Honda uses in the Grom, in the Wave scooter, in the new Super Cub and in the Monkey. It’s a well-trusted platform by now, and it makes very logical sense to build a ruggedish motorcycle about it, with design harking back to the CT line. The fans of the original CT machines are everywhere, and there are plenty of riders who’d welcome a new one. This move won’t cost Honda much to set up, and it will likely sell very well. Trademark filings have been floating around for a while now, so with the latest discovery by, we’d expect this machine to be officially released this fall.

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