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AMA’s coronavirus message: Let’s keep riding





In the middle of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we’re being given a constant message by health authorities and disease experts alike: keep away from other people. Call it social distancing, call it quarantine, call it whatever you like, but this bug is spread through contacting others, and that’s why we’re told to avoid social contact if possible. Many people are working from home, or not working at all; gyms are closed, stores are closed. Europe has basically shut down, and North America isn’t far behind it.

It’s inevitable then, that the memes start: “I’m going to commit to social distancing by riding my motorcycle.” And it’s also inevitable that some riders are fearing that the COVID-19 outbreak would end their whole riding season, or at least shut down the rallies, races and other events that they were planning on attending. We’re already starting to see some of that take place.

So, American Motorcycling Association president Rob Dingman issued an open letter to motorcyclists this week. Overall, Dingman had several suggestions; he urged motorcyclists to comply with authorities in their attempt to maintain public health. He told riders to prepare for changes to events, to communicate clearly any event changes to those involved, and to plan for the future. He said he was going to take the meme’s advice, and go riding, ending with this:

I’m going to ride when I can. If I can’t ride, I’m going to plan riding trips, talk about riding with friends and think about riding. I’m going to get some work done on my sidecar project. In short, I’m going to continue to be an active member of the motorcycle community because as a membership organization, community is, after all, how we do what we do.

Stay safe, plan for the future.

But also join me. Get out there and ride your motorcycle.

You can see the rest of Dingman’s letter here.

Vezi sursa



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