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Shark brings out EVO-ES modular helmet


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Shark continues to develop its line of unique modular helmets, recently introducing the EVO-ES convertible helmet.

Like the rest of Shark’s EVO line, the EVO-ES is designed to convert from a full-faced helmet to an open-faced design, that can be used in either configuration. Modular helmets from other makers are designed to only function as a full-face helmet; you can open the front when you stop, to take a drink or talk, but when you’re riding, you’re expected to have the front part of the helmet snapped downwards into place. Not so with the EVO line; you can flip the chinbar into position at the helmet’s back, and bam, you’ve got an open-faced lid. You can still leave the face shield down, too, like a classic Euro jet helmet style. Makes sense, of course, since Shark is a French company.

(And obviously, that may prove to be a problem, as COVID-19 shutdowns spread across Europe. It’s going to be hard to get riding gear from anywhere in the EU this summer).


Bam, there’s yer jet helmet! Photo: Shark

The EVO-ES joins the EVO-One and EVOLINE as Shark’s effort to bring down helmet prices, supposedly. Prices have dropped on the EVOLINE as it’s being closed out, but it wasn’t cheap when it was on the market, and neither is the EVO-One (pricing starts around $430 US for that helmet). The EVO-ES is made of thermoplastic resin, and that’s supposed to make it cheaper. Plastic helmets tend to be more heavy, especially if they’re modular designs, but the EVO-ES will come in two different shell sizes to reduce weight for smaller sizes.

The EVO-ES isn’t on Shark’s US website yet, and given the madness in the global markets, good luck figuring out pricing when it gets here. It’ll come with a “anti-scratch and anti-fog visor” (which often means it does a poor job at both). It’s going to be available in a wide variety of colors, and it currently meets the E22/05 safety standard.

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