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Ducati To Live Stream Streetfighter V4 Conference TODAY


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The coronavirus pandemic has put the brakes on many motorcycling manufacturer events.  Press conferences, rollouts, and meetups have been largely postponed or canceled.    But Ducati wants to keep its Streetfighter’s buzz going and is not letting the pandemic get in the way.  So the Italian manufacturer is hosting a live stream an event on Wednesday, March 25th at 1:30 PM ET.  If you tune in, you’ll be able to meet the people behind Ducati’s new Streetfighter V4.

If not for the coronavirus, Ducati undoubtedly held a full press event with the usual fanfare.  To minimize the chance for more coronavirus transmission, the company has temporarily shut down some production facilities.   It’s not clear when Ducati will return to full production.  But they are certainly hoping to get back into operation as quickly as possible.  When they do, you can imagine that new safety measures will be in place once the facilities come back on line.

Ducati Streetfighter V4

Ducati will show off the new Ducati Streetfighter V4 via Livestream on Wednesday, March 25 at 1:30 PM Eastern Time.

In the interim, the Livestream event should be an excellent way for Ducati to keep the Streetfighter’s buzz going.  Both the press and consumers will be able to find out more about the new Streetfighter V4 without having to attend an event crammed with people elbow to elbow.

Having the opportunity to see and hear about the new machine and ask questions about it is awesome.  But this time, you likely won’t get the marketing hyperbole usually associated with these types events.  This time, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions directly involved with the beast’s development.  I know that I will be tuning in.

You can watch the Livestream on Ducati’s outlets:, Facebook, and YouTube.



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