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Honda CT125 officially confirmed for production


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Honda’s CT125 concept bike has now been officially confirmed for production, under the name Hunter Cub.

The CT125 concept first debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show last September, with no guarantees of production. Later, it was spied in trademark filings, and then what appeared to be a production version was found in design trademark filings in Europe.

Now, media outlets are reporting it’s been confirmed for the Japanese market, and will be officially launched March 27. It was supposed to be officially launched at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show this week, supposedly, but as the show’s been cancelled (thanks again, COVID-19), that’s not happening. So, it’ll be launched online, along with some other interesting bikes (Visordown reports a Super Cub 110 Special Edition, the CBR250RR and a new FUN Concept that we haven’t seen yet).

The CT125, which will also be known as the Trail Cub in some markets, will supposedly be priced around the region of 440,000 yen, roughly $3900 US ($6,900 AUD, $5,750 CAD, £34,38 GBP) although with the weird world economy situation we’re in, who knows how that would actually play out. Or, who even knows if Honda’s willing to take the risk of bringing it to North America or Europe, in these uncertain economic times?

It could be the right bike at the right time, though. The CT125 plays off Honda’s strong heritage in the CT line, of tough, practical simple bikes that would go anywhere. Those bikes had sturdy horizontal engines that were reliable, but didn’t make a lot of power—just like the 125 cc air-cooled engine in the CT125, which was first used in the Wave scooter, and then the Grom, the Monkey, and the revived Super Cub. Time will tell—in an economy rebuilding from disaster, maybe a vehicle like this is the machine that could Make Motorcycling Great Again.

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