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New Electric Motorcycle Record Set On A LiveWire


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One of the key bugaboos of electrically powered motorcycles and cars is their range.  Compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts, electric motorcycles, in general, fall far short when it comes to range.

But a Swiss rider named Michel von Tell proved that the machines can go the distance.  Von Tell set a new 24-hour distance record by riding 1,070 miles in 24 hours aboard a Harley-Davidson LiveWire.

The record is not official because it wasn’t certified by Guinness World Records.  But according to Autoblog, the ride is well documented.  If true, the ride is a significant achievement for both von Tell and Harley-Davidson.

Von Tell’s journey started in Zurich on March 11th and headed to Porche’s and Mercedes Benz’s hometown of Stuttgart, Germany.  Reportedly von Tell made the 124-mile trip on one charge.  Von Tell then traveled across Germany before following the shoreline of Lake Constance towards Lichtenstein.

Ultimately, the journey consumed 1,070 miles through four countries in a total of 23 hours and 48 minutes.  Von Tell comfortably exceeded the old 818-mile record recorded by a team of seven riders riding a Zero SR around a test track.

As of yet, no data concerning how much electricity von Toll’s ride took and how many times he stopped to charge has been released.  However, Autoblog says that Harley-Davidson will publish those figures at a later date.  If Harley-Davidson does publish data about the ride, hopefully, it will be covering all the areas that potential electric riders would want to know.  Particularly, not only the aforementioned figures, but also time to charge and mode of travel such as highway and/or city.

With Harley-Davidson planning other electric models and other “large” manufacturers actively developing electric motorcycle technology, it could be an interesting time for electrically powered motorcycles.



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