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Gerber releases Armbar Drive multi-tool


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Gerber’s just released a new multi-tool, the Armbar Drive, that bridges the gap between a pocketknife and a full-on plier-style multi-tool.

One of the most useful pieces of equipment an ADVer can have on the road is a good multi-tool. A properly-designed multi-tool allows you to take care of basic chores and cutting duties without having to root through your luggage for the tool roll.

However, the multi-tool’s usefulness is diminished as it gets more bulky and heavy. A multi-tool that does too much often does nothing well. This, possibly, is where the Armbar Drive can find its niche: a just-right mix of functionality.

Gerber’s website lists the new multi-tool’s features as an awl, pry bar, bottle opener, a 2.5-inch driver with double-sided 1/4-inch bit, a one-hand opening fine edge knife blade (which locks) and scissors. Note that it doesn’t have a set of pliers, which is often present on multi-tools, or a can opener. Does that matter? Depends what you want to use the tool for.

Essentially, it’s a slightly different take on the Swiss Army Knife idea, extra functionality built into a pocket knife, instead of a set of pliers with a bunch of tools hidden away in the handles. However, the fact that the driver can switch out bits is useful (throw a couple extra in your pocket, if you need to), and the whole package is compact, and affordable, at a $39 MSRP. For simple tasks – tightening mirrors or controls or handlebars, or removing sidepanels or a seat – this could be a handy EDC option. Check it out at

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