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Weird Motorcycles: Toto Motorcycle Runs On Poop


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OK, this has to be one of the weirdest motorcycles I’ve ever seen.  Perhaps even smelled.  Smelled?  Read on.

Yes, it’s true.  A motorcycle that uses animal waste and sewage for power does exist.  It comes to the world courtesy of Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto making its first appearance in 2012.  The machine was designed and built as a testament to the company’s ecological and technological prowess.

Toto calls the machine the “Toilet Bike Neo” and it runs on biogas from livestock waste and sewage.  The bike (more appropriately trike) uses a 250cc engine.  And, although the bike does not run on human waste, the company chose to install one of their thrones as the bike’s seat.

If you think this machine is only a novelty item, think again.  The machine can travel up to 180 miles on a tank of animal waste.  To prove its credibility and abilities, Toto has already taken the Toilet Bike Neo on an 876 mile trip through Japan.

Toto makes a wide variety of toilets that feature some novel features.  You can buy a Toto toilet with a heated seat, cleaning water jets with temperature and pressure control, as well as ambient background music.

So a motorcycle powered by animal waste and sewage just seems to be an extension of their creative abilities when it comes to toilets.

A Toto spokesman said that they hoped to raise awareness among its customers about Toto’s green campaign but have no plans to bring the Toilet Bike Neo to market.

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