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Lightning Strikes Are Being Delivered


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It’s been a while since Lightning Motorcycle unveiled its affordable electric sportbike, the Lightning Strike.  And, there hasn’t been much buzz about the machines lately either.  But according to Lightning’s founder and CEO Richard Hatfield, Lightning Stike motorcycles are being delivered to waiting customers.

The Lightning Strike electric sportbike unveiling announced three models of the Strike. With a claimed top speed of 135 MPH, the Standard Edition Strike starts at a very reasonable electric sportbike price of $12,998.  At $16,998, the mid-range model Strike has a faster claimed top speed of 150 MPH as well as a 200-mile city range.  The third and final model is the Carbon Edition which has a $19,998 price tag.

Carbon Edition first

With startups being what they are, cash is king.  So Lightning decided to commence deliveries not with the nicely priced Standard Edition, but with the more expensive and likely more profitable, Carbon Edition.

Lightning Strike Electric Motorcycle

The Lightning Strike electric motorcycle. Photo credit: Lightning Motorcycles

After a slight delay, the delivery of the Carbon Edition machines began in August 2019.  Since then, Lightning says it is delivering Carbon Edition Lightning Strikes to early reservation holders.

Lightning’s CEO talked about Strike availability:

“We’re producing the Carbon Editions at this point. We’re working through that list and we’re getting all the tooling finished for the Standard Edition. We’ve had some delays for the injection molds and the forgings for the Standard Edition. But we should be on track to begin shipping the Standard Editions next year in Q1.” – Electrek – Interview with Micah Toll

So if all goes well for Lightning, deliveries of the more affordable Standard Edition machines will happen in early 2020.  Perhaps just in time for the spring riding season.


And, if you are interested in Lightning’s speediest of electric motorcycles, Lighting is also delivering the LS-218 model.  Its name comes after setting an electric motorcycle top speed record of 218 MPH.

The initial orders for the LS-218 used to take about a year to deliver.  But now Lightning says that the delivery time has been reduced to between 90 and 100 days from the date of order.

New models

And, it turns out that Lightning is now working on different electric motorcycle models.  This time a smaller and presumably less expensive variants.

While Hatfield didn’t have a lot to say about the new machines, he was quoted by Electrek as saying:

“We currently have a series of smaller bikes that are being prototyped and tested right now, and after we get the Standard Edition of the Strike out we’ll be ready for the launch of those bikes.” Electrek – Interview with Micah Toll

So Lightning chooses to tease us a bit for now.  It will be interesting to see what the electric motorcycle manufacturer has up its sleeve for these new machines.  We’ll keep you in the loop.

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