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PPE Healthcare Worker Receives Donated Bike


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In another case of making things right, a Florida man has donated his motorcycle to a man making personal protective equipment (PPE) masks.  Once again, a healthcare worker lost his machine to thieves while working to make PPE masks full time.  Michael Guinn’s modified Suzuki DRZ was stolen by two thieves.  The thieves were caught on video walking off with the bike and have not been arrested.

After seeing a news report of the theft, the owner of Full Throttle magazine Tony Cianci stepped up.  Cianci had been trying to sell his own personal Harley-Davidson but decided he had a better idea.  He decided to give it to Guinn.

Tony Cianci donate

Tony Cianci decided donating his bike would be better than selling it.

At first, Guinn didn’t believe that anyone would simply give him a bike.  But after a few phone calls, Cianci was able to convince Guinn that he was going to give him his bike for free.  Not long after that, Cianci’s personal bike was rolling out of a trailer and into the waiting hands of Guinn.

When asked about his donation, Cianci said that it is Easter and he feels that its time to do nice things for people, especially during these tough times.

Although he says he is spending virtually every waking hour making PPE masks, Guinn said once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, he can’t wait to get on his new bike and take it for a spin.

It is so amazing and heartening to see people doing good things for other people.  It just goes to show you; motorcyclists are good people.

You can find a brief news video about the donation here.

Screenshot credit: Fox 13

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