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Spied! Updated BMW G310 GS





It seems like BMW’s G310 series just got here, but apparently it’s been out long enough for an update. Spy photos, probably out of Europe (see ’em published here on RideApart), show BMW is hard at work on the G310 GS and G310 R. Both the adventure bike and naked bike models are going to be re-worked for 2020.

The G310 series may be designed in Europe, but they’re built in India, through BMW’s connection with TVS. TVS has other big plans these days, with news it’s bought Norton, but presumably the deal with BMW is still on. The German-Indian team-up sees BMW getting access to lower-priced labor, and TVS getting access to BMW’s more advanced technology. It’s a win-win deal for both.

Originally, some industry insiders said BMW dealers were none too happy about the 310 series, as it clogged up valuable showroom floor space with low-margin machines. Since then, the word on the street is that dealer attitudes have improved, since the 310 series has sold well and brought in new customers. Still, they are a minor factor in BMW’s overall sales.

When the G310 R and G31o GS debuted, they came in with decent pricing and performance when compared to their Japanese counterparts in the sub-500 cc category. Now, they’re still fairly close to the Japanese bikes, but the new KTM 390 Adventure has a full electronic safety package that far outstrips the G310’s onboard gadgetry. No doubt BMW is considering this, and plans to update the machine’s electronics. The chassis will probably get a few tweaks, the bodywork will be modified a bit too. But, along with the electronics package, the most important modification is almost certainly to the emissions system, as this is what determines where the bikes can be sold. Remember the horsepower wars of the 1980s and 1990s? The new version is, emissions wars!

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