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Alpinestars releases new Gravity Drystar jacket/pants, Rover backpacks


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It’s springtime, and that means new riding gear releases, even during the coronavirus outbreak. This week, Alpinestars announced new riding pants and and a new jacket in its technical collection gear, as well as a new series of backpacks.

First, the new Gravity Drystar jacket and pants. Both the jacket and pants are made of 600D polyester, with leather patches stitched in for abrasion resistance in impact areas, a trick that’s becoming pretty commonplace these days. Basic elbow and shoulder protection is standard in the jacket, and buyers can add optional back and chest protectors. The pants have knee pads as standard; hip pads are optional.

Although they’re textile, and waterproof, the Gravity line might not work for every adventure rider. The waterproof liners are built-in, which could cause some overheating in warmer temperatures, especially as there isn’t a whole lot of venting in either the jacket or pants (chest vents for the jacket, thigh vents for the pants). It depends on your riding style, and what weather you’re riding in; certainly, some gear with single-layer waterproofing has proved quite popular in certain ADV scenarios (see also: Aerostich).

There’s also a thermal liner, but that’s removable. There aren’t a lot of pockets on either the jacket or the pants, but there should be enough to handle a rider’s basic requirements. Too many pockets just means you’ll end up losing receipts and having zippers come apart, anyway.

The Gravity Drystar pants have a $199.95 MSRP, and only come in black. The Gravity Drystar jacket has a $229.95 MSRP, and is available in two different black options, or red, or khaki. Both pants and jacket are available in sizes S-4XL.

As for the backpacks, Alpinestars says the new Rover lineup is aimed at adventure riding, and they do look like they’d be decent in that role—although, if you had them filled up with heavy gear, they’d soon wear you out. Both the new Multi and Overland backpacks have rolltop closure system, adjustable harness straps, waterproof liner, a hydration bladder pocket, and lots of exterior pockets. If they follow the path of previous Alpinestars backpacks, they’ll probably be decent (although you might want to keep an eye on the zippers). The Multi is priced at $179.95, the Overland is priced at $199.95.

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