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Eye-Net Vehicle Protection System Aims To Protect Motorcyclists


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Eye-Net Mobile has made recent advances and upgrades to their software that will help protect vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians, from collisions. Their cellular-based V2X (vehicle-to-everything) accident-prevention solution utilizes cellphone applications and cellular infrastructure “to identify and predict potential traffic collisions”.

Eye-Net is a subsidiary of Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd., a technology company that specializes in driver assistance and autonomous driving technology, itself a spinoff of Magna B.S.P., an Israeli company that produces 3D video surveillance systems. The Eye-Net system employs road users’ phones and cellular infrastructure to create a network that can provide real-time alerts. According to Eye-Net, “We use state of the art big data, machine learning, and AI technology to analyze both driver behavior and road safety trends and insights.”

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Motorcycles in traffic. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Eye-Net’s most recent advancements are aimed at protecting motorcyclists and cyclists when they are out of direct line-of-sight, as well as alerting third parties when the rider is in need of assistance. The app will notify road users when riders are up ahead, helping to keep drivers alert in an attempt to reduce collisions. The presumption here is that both the rider and the driver are using the Eye-Net app, so widespread adoption is key to the success of the system.

The “Automatic Emergency Call” aspect of the application monitors the behavior of the rider in order to detect if there is an accident. If one is detected, the app notifies a third party of the rider’s exact location and need for assistance. Similar products are already in production, such as Specialized Bicycle’s Angi, a cycling helmet add-on that can detect a crash and notify an emergency contact with location information.

According to, the Eye-Net advancements have attracted interest from both motorcycle and micro-mobility (eBike, scooter, etc.) companies. Implementation by manufacturers and service providers could significantly boost the effectiveness of the system.



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