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Honda is now offering home delivery


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Indian announced it was doing it. Then Yamaha and Kawasaki. Now, Honda is also announcing a home delivery program for its US customers.

The details on Yamaha’s program were a bit fuzzy, but Kawasaki clearly stated its home delivery program would include parts, accessories, clothing and vehicles. Presumably, Yamaha’s program includes the same. As for the new Honda home delivery operation, the press release says it’s good for “Honda Powersports products.” That sounds like it could include all the stuff you’d find at a Honda moto dealership (no mention of power equipment, though …).

The coronavirus pandemic is behind the move, of course. Customers are voluntarily staying out of dealerships to avoid community transmission of COVID-19, and in some areas, dealers have closed their doors due to health concerns, or lack of traffic. Honda’s presser says “To facilitate purchases of Honda Powersports products by customers who aren’t able or prefer not to enter a dealership, American Honda is temporarily suspending its requirements for delivery of new units at the dealership. Instead, customers will be able to complete the entire purchase process without leaving their home or business.”

Of course, some jurisdictions may not allow home deliveries of vehicles, at least not without some additional steps. As such, Honda says “A number of conditions are in place to ensure that a first-rate purchase experience is maintained, that federal, state and local vehicle and dealer regulations are followed, and that dealers’ sales and service agreements are respected.”

The presser had a Honda bigwig calling this “an unprecedented time for everyone.” No kidding. You should still be able to buy a motorcycle, at least; if you want to take advantage of the Honda program, call your local dealer for more details.

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