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The Earthcruiser Extreme XTR offers expensive 4×4 camping


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There are many reasons to use a motorcycle for adventure travel. Some riders say the openness gives them a better connection to the environment around them. Others say the vulnerable nature of moto-travel helps them meet locals. And others will honestly answer: A motorcycle is an affordable way to travel the world.

The reality is, some of us would love an overland truck, but it’s outside our price range at this point, even a minimalist model. And a rig like the Earthcruiser Extreme XTR, well that’s really outside our financial reach. With an MSRP at approximately $150,000 US, it costs as much as a house. But then, it basically is a house, fit onto a Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series chassis.

Earthcruiser is an Australia-based company that builds a line of impressive 4×4 campers, as well as a pair of cute electric mininikes (here and here). The XTR is the company’s latest creation; it’s still under development, but Earthcruiser says it expect to have the first machine built by summer. Errr, make that winter, if you’re Australian.

The XTR is a compact camper, driveable in Australia with just a car licence. It has a pop-top, making for more room inside for living and sleeping. As soon as you go in the door, there’s a wet toilet/shower setup on your left, and a kitchen on your right. The front of the camper section has a dinette section, with a set of benches which can convert into a bed. There’s also a door that permits entry into the cab of the truck. When the top is raised, there’s a second level which contains a 61 x 84-inch bed. Eighty litres of water storage is standard, with another 120 litres available as an option.

The XTR has a 540-watt solar panel, which powers a 400-amp-hour lithiu-ion battery. There’s also a 3000-watt inverter, and the camper can heat air and water by burning diesel.

Speaking of diesel, a V8 turbo-diesel engine is standard, with five-speed transmission (six-speed auto optional). It comes with 130 litres of fuel capacity, with another 110 litres available as an option. The suspension, axles and differentials have been upgraded from stock, and there’s an extended wheelbase option. Earthcruiser has included solid tow points on the rear, and offers front and rear winches as optional, as well as a bull bar.

There’s a full list of features at the Earthcruiser website. It’s impressive, and easy to see how the price tag made it to the $150k mark.

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