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Honda Building a Smaller Monkey?


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At least two outlets are saying that a new, smaller Honda Monkey is in the works.  Both outlets point to a patent application that shows a smaller “mini-monkey,” which is even smaller than the current 125cc Honda Monkey.

The patent application shows a monkey-like bike with a tiny fuel tank attached to the bikes top tube.  The machine’s handlebar seems to come closer to the rider, and its wheelbase seems shorter as well.

The most obvious change is the location of the mini-monkey’s engine and transmission.  The current Grom based Monkey has a unit construction engine and manual transmission.  But the new ‘mini-monkey” has an engine and transmission looking more like the ones found on a scooter.  Indian outlet Autocar India says that the even tinier monkey could utilize either a 110cc or 125cc Honda engine.

2019 Honda Monkey

Honda’s current iteration of its present 125cc Monkey. Photo credit: Honda

Honda has used a scooter engine in the past to develop a mini-bike.  Autocar India points to Honda’s Navi, which is based on the Honda Activa as an example.

So if the new “mini-monkey” does make it to production, it would slot in below the current Monkey 125, which itself is a revival of Honda’s previous Z-50.  The Z-50 came to the US market in 1968 with a 49cc engine.

There’s no guarantee that the new mini-money will be produced.  Remember, these outlets have only seen a patent application.  But, if Honda were to bring a bike like this to the US, would you be interested in one?  What would you be willing to pay?  Let us know in the comments below.


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