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Ural Restarts Production


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If you are a fan of Russia’s Ural sidecar rig, there’s good news.  The brand is announcing that they are back in production.

In a press release, the company says that the factory in Irbit is re-opening this month.  And that it is resuming production with initial shipments to Europe and Japan.  Further, they say that the first shipments to the US will arrive sometime in mid-July.

Ural’s Redmond HQ team says that there are adequate inventory levels in the US and Canada.  However, they also say that by mid-June, they are expecting “some pre-order situations.”  So they urge anyone interested in a Ural rig to order sooner than later.

sidecar ural rig

Ural says that the production of their sidecar motorcycle rigs is starting again.

US registrations of the rigs have been “very strong, almost the same level as last year.”  Because of this, Ural says they have about a 15-20 day supply of bikes.  With sales at similar levels as last year, the factory shut down, Ural’s key focus is to figure out how to replenish inventory as quickly as possible.

If you already own a rig and need parts, Ural says that its new Parts Drop Shipment service is very popular.  To make getting those parts easier and cheaper, Ural has waived its drop shipping fees.

Finally, Ural says that it is extending its factory warranty for an additional 90 days.  All Ural motorcycles currently under warranty will automatically get the warranty extension.  Also, all new motorcycle sales registered from March 25 through June 30, 2020, will get an automatic 90-day warranty extension.  This extension is in addition to the standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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