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Triumph Rolls Out Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition




If there’s one thing that Hollywood thinks is British, it’s Bond, James Bond.  And now, Triumph Motorcycles is celebrating Mr. Bond in partnership with Eon Productions.  Together, the two have worked to develop and introduce the first-ever motorcycle directly linked to the Bond franchise.

Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition

The new machine is the Triumph’s Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition.   Only 250 Bond Edition Scramblers will ever be produced.  Of these, only 30 will come to the US and only 5 to Canada.  Triumph says that this custom Scrambler is inspired by the forthcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die.

The new bike features all of the performance of Triumph’s Scrambler 1200 XE delivering 89 HP and 81 lb-ft of torque. Scramblers need torque down low, and Triumph claims that the engine on the Bond machine is tuned to deliver “high torque” off-road and on, with plenty of torque being delivered low down and across the bike’s rev range.  Triumph says that the 1200cc parallel-twin engine delivers its peak 81 lb-ft of torque at only 3,950 RPM.

The twin high mount scrambler exhaust system features stainless steel headers capped off by an Arrow silencer with carbon-fiber end caps.

Plentiful technology

The Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition is a top-spec Triumph Scrambler.  As with all new generation Triumph Scramblers, technology is plentiful.  The bike features multiple electronics and utilizes ride-by-wire technology.  As with bikes of this caliber, several riding mode selections are available.

The Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition has six separate riding modes.  They include Road, Rain, Off-Road, Sport, and Rider configurable riding modes, which adjust throttle response, ABS settings, and traction control to suit conditions and rider preference.

The sixth ride mode is “Off-Road Pro”.  Triumph says that this setting delivers the brand’s “most off-road focused setup for adventure riding and scrambling.”  When this mode is selected, the bike’s ABS and traction control are set to “off” while using the “Off-road” throttle map.

The Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition also sports Cornering ABS and traction control as standard.  The ABS maintains braking performance by automatically adapting the traction control depending on riding conditions and lean angle.  A Continental Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) continually monitors roll, pitch, yaw, lean angle, and acceleration rates and responds with the appropriate active safety features.

Suspension and braking

On the suspension side of the equation, the new machine utilizes an Öhins rear suspension setup.  Twin Öhins fully adjustable shocks with piggyback reservoirs and twin springs deliver 250mm (~9.85 inches) of suspension travel.

Up front, there’s a Showa 47mm fully adjustable upside-down cartridge fork. It also delivers 250mm of suspension travel.


Triumph bond 007

The Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition commemorates the James Bond 007 film, No Time To Die.

Further identifying the bike’s off-road intent is a 21″ aluminum spoked front wheel shod with Metzler Tourance 90/90-21 tubeless tires.  The rear hoop is a 17″ spoked aluminum unit with a tubeless Metzler Tourance 150/70R-17 tire.

There’s a bit of a price to pay for all that travel.  The bike has a somewhat lofty 870mm (34.25″) seat height.  Longer legged riders will have no problems with the perch, but those with short inseams will likely have to be on tiptoes.

A Brembo setup delivers the machine’s braking performance.  At the sharp end of the bike, twin Brembo M50 radial monobloc calipers grasp two 320mm discs.  At the rear, a single Brembo 2-piston floating caliper clamps onto a one 255mm disc.

Dry weight is a claimed 207kg (~456 pounds).

Convenience and comfort items

As a special edition bike, you would expect lots of conveniences to go with the bike’s capability.

The Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition does not fail in this area.  The new machine has all-LED lighting, as well as a 5-inch headlight with a daytime running light (DRL) feature.  The DRL provides additional conspicuity as well as a distinctive light profile.

The Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition has Triumph’s latest generation full-color TFT instruments with a unique 007 startup screen.  For that extra touch, two information layout themes can be personalized.  This feature also allows the rider to update the startup screen message with their name.

TFT display

Triumph’s 2nd generation color TFT display features a unique 007 startup screen.


All of the bike’s switches are backlit by LEDs inside each switch.  While you should know where all your controls are beforehand, a little extra light giving you their precise location is a nice little feature.  Triumph says that the backlighting enhances rider interaction and provides improved control by providing a soft glow in all lighting conditions.

More convenience

Triumph also includes a torque-assist clutch to reduce clutch lever effort to make it easier to ride longer.  If you’re stuck in stop and go traffic, having a light clutch pull can be a blessing.

The bike also features a keyless ignition that recognizes the proximity of the keyless fob and then enables the ignition via a switch cube mounted start button.  For even greater security, the fob can also disable the key’s wireless function with the touch of a button.

For those cold days, the Bond Scrambler Edition has heated grips as standard.  A button on the left-hand grip controls the heat.  It makes two levels of heat levels available.

For those longer rides, the new machine also has electronic cruise control.  It too is controlled by a button on the left-hand switch cube.  The button’s placement ensures that it is easily accessible when riding for added convenience and safety.

Fashion details

Of course, if the new special edition bike represents James Bond, you’d expect that it would arrive immaculately dressed.  And it does.  It comes with a premium Sapphire Black paint scheme, with an iconic oversized Triumph tank badge.  It also features a brushed decal foil knee pad with a hand-painted gold coachline.

Additional 007 branding includes an exhaust number board and lower side panel finisher with pressed 007 brandings,  and a premium real leather seat with an embroidered logo.

If the Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition is for you, it will set you back $18,500 in the USA.  In Canada, it will cost you $20,000.


All photo credit: Triumph Motorcycles


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