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REV’IT! offers free gear for “hometown heroes”


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Situations like the coronavirus pandemic show both the bad side, and the good side, of humanity. Whether you think governments have over-reacted, or not gone far enough with their coronavirus lockdowns, everyone can agree that some neighbours have been a massive help to the elderly, some healthcare workers have taken immense risks, and so on. There’s been hoarding and online bickering, but this situation has revealed many heroes.

Now, REV’IT! wants to show some appreciation for those heroes, by giving away free motorcycle gear. The Dutch gear manufacturer is looking for the public to send in recommendations, with stories of people who’ve been outstanding in the battle against COVID-19. You can nominate high-profile helpers, like Britain’s blood bikers (who’ve been delivering protective equipment and blood samples during COVID-19, instead of blood for transfusion). But if you just want to mention someone who’s been low-key doing their job, without any headline-grabbing stunts, that’s OK too.

REV’IT! says to “Share your stories of doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers. Civil service workers, active military, delivery drivers, food service professionals, and veterans helping to keep us safe. Your neighborhood essential workers, charities, community groups, or even your own local PPE delivery heroes.” REV’IT! will pick 20 winners from the stories submitted, and will give them $1,000 USD worth of riding gear (or €1,000, for European riders). That’s a great thank-you for the people on the front lines of this fight, whether they’re health care professionals or some other profession that’s going unrecognized. To learn more, or to submit a story for entry, visit the REV’IT! website.

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