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Miami-Dade Police Operating SRT Motorcycles


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The Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) is now operating a special type of police motorcycle.  They are different from the bikes that most police departments use.

The new Special Response Team’s (SRT) bikes have the ability to travel both on and off-road.  They can also maneuver in tighter confines and have more utility according to the police.  MDPD’s SRT bikes are all black and have a “stealthy” look.  Each machine is equipped with emergency lighting and sirens and has Miami-Dade Police lettering on the back.

Miami-Dade police say that the concept comes from Europe and is the first of its kind in the USA.  MDPD’s Director, Alfredo Ramirez, says that “The Miami-Dade Police Department has a long legacy of coming up with innovative policing strategies.  The bikes will perform a variety of roles.

. @MiamiDadePD say these will play a big role in security during the Super Bowl. @wsvn

— Raphael Pires (@rpires_news) January 31, 2020

MDPD’s SRT plans to use the machines for counterterrorism, active shooter, large event security, and presidential escort duties.

MDPD Major Ed Caneva emphasizes that Miami-Dade County has had complex tactical situations.

We have had complex tactical situations here in Miami-Dade County where these bikes could’ve been beneficial to enhance our public safety capabilities.  We’ve gone to call-outs, and we’ve noticed that we have challenges with the terrain. What’s different about these motorcycles is that they have the ability to go off-road. They can navigate easily in different terrains, different environments.”

Currently, MDPD has three tactical motorcycles, but they say that more of the unique bikes will be rolling in Miami-Dade county soon.



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