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REVVConference will run this weekend


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Looking for some advice from expert motorcyclists? The ADVrider forum is full of knowledge on just about every subject (there’s some real brainiacs down in the Church, State, Money threads—or so they tell us anyway!). But if you want a video lecture, you can tune into REVVConference this weekend, june 5-6, 2020.

REVVConference is a production from REVV Talks, a virtual platform aimed at educating riders through live webinars, conferences, and a video library. It’s partly inspired by TED Talks, it seems, but also very e-learning based. The idea is to make experts’ advice available to the moto-masses, through online broadcasts.

REVV Talks was founded by Alisa Clickenger and Brittany Morrow, two well-known names for serious motorcyclists in the U.S.; Clickenger has been working in the presentation/show/education game, as well as writing, for a long time. Morrow’s best-known for her work as a safety gear advocate. She became famous as the Road Rash Queen, after a 2005 crash left her badly scarred. In the years since, she started the Rock The Gear foundation and has promoted safe riding equipment through that, and other outlets.

Both Clickenger and Morrow have been involved in rider education for years, but they’ll have lots of new helpers with REVV Talks. You can find a list of this weekend’s presenters at the REVV Talks website. The sessions will cover a very wide variety of topics: survival skills, wrenching, group riding, safety, and lots more. REVV Talks is aimed at riders of every discipline, and the lineup of presentations certainly seems to reflect that.

You can buy e-tickets for REVVConference at EventBrite here. Pay less, and you’ll have access to the live presentations this weekend; or pay more, and you’ll get long-term access to REVV Talks’ digital video archives.

Surprised to see motorcycle conferences go digital? It’s a sign of the times these days, with Overland Expo launching its first-ever virtual event, the Armchair Adventure Festival debuting and other shows and groups also exploring virtual options.

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