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Petrucci To Ride In MotoAmerica Series?




Danilo Petrucci has been gaining buzz on the news of his Dakar entry.  But now, it seems that he may be roadracing in 2022.

There have been rumors that Petrux would be competing in the MotoAmerica series in 2022.  But they were just that, rumors until now.

In an interview with Raquel Jimenez Rodriguez from the Motosan.es website, Danilo seems to say that he will compete in the MotoAmerica series.

“Closed with MotoGP, I thought of new projects.  This opportunity came out and I am happy because it will make me grow on a personal level. What I like the most is that I chose the rallies because I like to be on the bike and the same will be in Motoamerica.  I’m going to see a new continent and at 31 it was okay to try. But I promise you, this won’t be the only Dakar.” – Danilo Petrucci to Motosan (computer translated to English)

While this seems to indicate that Petrucci will indeed ride in the MotoAmerica series, who he will ride for is not as certain.  Gossip says that he will be riding a Ducati Panigale V4 R with the Warhorse HSBK Racing Team.  However, if he does join, it’s not clear whether he will replace current rider Loris Baz or whether the team will field another bike in the series.

A quick check of the HSBK Racing team’s website does not offer any hint that the Italian is joining.  But, there’s still plenty of time to make an announcement before the start of the 2022 MotoAmerica season.

Vezi sursa


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