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The Adventurists now offer their own Monkey Bike




The Adventurists, purveyors of fine, madcap adventures in various locations around the world, are now offering their own motorcycle built to the organization’s specs. And, as you’d expect, it’s a bit silly: It’s a monkey bike.

Along with rickshaw rallies, paramotor racing and a whole host of other extremely wacky and fun events, The Adventurist runs moto-challenges based around 50 cc minibikes—they call this idea a “Monkey Run,” and they’ve run all over the world. And now, The Adventurists organization also has its own monkey bike edition that you can buy for these events.

It’s the Venturo Mark 01, a Chinese motorcycle mash-up built by combining a 49 cc Loncin engine with a Skyteam Monkey frame (final assembly at Gilo Industries in Dorset, UK). The designers went beyond the basics of sell-’em-quick monkey bike design, though; this thing is purpose-built to handle The Adventurists’ events.

In fact, the adventure starts as soon as you order one. You don’t pick up the bike from a dealer, and heaven forbid The Adventurists simply ship you the machine. Nope! Instead, you get a set of GPS coordinates, in an “inconvenient location,” where you must travel to pick up your motorcycle, and ride it home.

From there, you’ll note The Adventurists have indeed put some practical thought into this machine, running a streamlined wiring system to avoid electrical gremlins on the road. There’s a 1.2-gallon fuel tank (offering more than enough range for a monkey bike), and a lightweight li-ion battery, but no electric start. This machine has been stripped down to the essentials.

The Adventurists also spec’d a massive rack, strong enough to haul your granny, or so they claim. They’re willing to put considerable trust in it, as you can see in the demo video above—they actually strapped a paramotor to the rack and very definitively show that yes, you can also fly your Venturo monkey bike, if you’re willing to add the essential bits.

Well, that would be one way to handle the endless water crossings in Siberia …

Anyway, if you want more details on this unique motorcycle, the best place to start is the Venturo website.

Vezi sursa


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